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I wanted some tips for buying more likes for my Instagram profile and that’s where I decided to get in touch with them. Since this was the first time I’m using such a service, I decided to go ahead with 100 likes for my pictures. The service was delivered just as described and I’m really happy about it.


Wow! I wasn’t expecting that! I paid for 100 real likes. Not when I recall my previous experiences of paying for packages from two different service providers and bought hearts that were of no use in helping me reach the “Top Posts” on certain hashtags. Now you can imagine my surprise when your service got me straight to the top and gave me real organic engagement. Kudos!


The service is easy to use, great and magical. I couldn't imagine this site offers instant real-time engagement at such a low and affordable rate. I was almost sure this is a waste of money and it will go down the drain but they proved me wrong. Go for it, guys, you won’t be disappointed!


Thank you for your quick delivery! I received hundred hearts, and all of them come from real accounts. I really appreciate that since it is difficult to find good quality likes anywhere else. I am very glad with my purchase, and I will recommend your service to others, too. Keep up the good work!

Ciara Cole

Hey guys! I guess if you are reading reviews here, you are looking for how to buy instant push for cheap price too. I will recommend this site to anyone who asks! For my first time I decided to purchase 100 likes for my post on Insta. And as a result, I got myself a bunch of new followers and improved my rate fast! Don't think, just buy it here! Or don't buy at all, haha!

What are the options for buying one hundred likes on IG?

If you’re struggling to grow an IG account and wondering how other people get so much interaction so quickly, you may want to buy 100 Instagram likes. This is a fast, easy way to get real engagement. Insta’s algorithms boost posts that already have more hearts, so it is difficult to gain organic growth, especially when you are just getting started. If you purchase 100 real Instagram likes, this will give you the visibility you need to reach more viewers.

Why is this the best way to get attention on IG and who else purchases 100 likes?

  • There are tons of people who realize how easy and beneficial it is to buy 100 likes on Instagram.
  • When you need to build an audience fast, you don’t have time to wait and hope a few people will see your Instagram photos.
  • Bloggers, coaches, authors, fitness gurus, entertainers, fashion professionals, influencers, and small business owners across the USA and the world all know how important building their IG presence is.

What is some advice on how to buy a hundred cheap likes on IG?

Just visit BuyTopLikes.com, go to the “likes” page, and choose your package, such as 100. Then you’ll be asked to input your profile link so active likers know where to go. You’ll be offered some recent photos to choose from, or you can click to the next page to view more. If you want, you can choose to spread your hearts evenly for all pictures, but if you have a large number, one hundred may not be enough. Once you’ve distributed taps, enter your credit card info for payment (VISA or Mastercard, American Express or Discovery) or use NFC options (Google or Apple Pay) and you’ll receive an email confirmation. That’s all you have to do to get 100 likes on Instagram for cheap price.

Why is BuyTopLikes.com the best site to pay for 100 hearts on IG?

Our service has many advantages other sites don’t have. We allow you to buy likes on IG for anyone’s account, no password required, and your privacy is protected. Your transaction is secure and confidential. All our users are real, active users so you don’t have to worry about your engagement disappearing the next time IG clears out a bot farm.

What is the price for 100 IG likes?

Prices can vary with the market, but right now 100 taps are only $2.89, or just under $.03/heart. This is very reasonably priced, especially considering it will get your posts more exposure and allow you to gain even more gradual, organic interaction.

Is there anything to be concerned about if you purchase 100 IG hearts?

No, although you may have difficulties if you buy from other sites. Insta doesn’t care if you buy engagement of hundred, actually—but they don’t want bots and fake accounts eating up server space. So they may punish accounts that have bought large amounts of interaction from these bot farms. They will also delete any engagement those fakes left on other accounts, which is bad if you paid for engagement and it’s now gone. But since BuyTopLikes uses only real accounts, you never have to worry about this with us.

What are some tips for getting IG engagement?

100 is a great amount of hearts because you can distribute them over different amounts of photos. One good idea is to pick out your best 5 or 10 posts and use those. You can then look at the additional organic engagement and figure out which posts performed the best once they were more visible. This will help guide you the next time you want to buy interaction.


How soon can I get one hundred likes for Instagram?

Online delivery for order this size is very fast. Hearts should start appearing within 10 minutes and should complete within 24 hours. If they don't finish at this time, please contact support@buytoplikes.com, and we'll be happy to help.

Are there any guarantees for buying this service?

Yes, we guarantee your order will be delivered as it was described on our website—you will get cheap 100 IG likes. We also guarantee these hearts for 30 days, so if they go away in that time, they'll be replaced. If for any reason your order has not been fulfilled as described or some of your taps have vanished, please contact support@buytoplikes.com and we'll address the issue right away.

Can Instagram or my audience find out I bought 100 instant likes?

No. Since you pay for real, high quality accounts, there's no way to tell if engagement was bought or not. To your audience, your post will just look popular, and IG will not notice or care.
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