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When i decided that i want to become a fashion blogger i realised that i have to beat the asses of my competitors, and quick. So I made a tryout before buying to see how instant the delivery would be. I was fast, like ten minutes to get 20 real likes, but i guess that is because the number is small. BTW, didn’t expect that the hearts can be so cheap!


If you are starting a new Instagram account from scratch, you will want to buy 20 real IG likes to make sure that you are on the right path. This small pack that they sell here is exactly what you need to get a boost of attention early on and let other users know of your existence.


Thank you once again for your quick service! I come here every week to purchase 20 Instagram likes for my food and cooking account. I post everything I cook at home or eat out, and so far I can see that people enjoy my photos, but it is your help that attracts even more admirers.

I hear there are ways to buy 20 Instagram likes, how does that work?

It’s a really easy process, and also inexpensive. In fact, you can purchase 20 likes for $2.29, and ordering only takes a couple of minutes. Delivery starts within 24 hours—often in as little as ten minutes. (Larger orders take a little longer.)

Is it really necessary for purchasing 20 IG likes?

Do your Instagram photos typically get 20 or more likes on their own? Or does it feel like you’re posting to the void? The simple fact is that if you want more hearts, it can be hard to get them organically. The site favors pictures that already have a lot of engagement, and once you get interaction, more often follows. If you’re using Insta for your business or brand—like coaches, authors, bloggers, entertainers, and business owners do—you should strongly consider increasing your account’s engagement. This is especially important if you’re hoping to be a paid influencer, as brands favor online accounts with engaged audiences.

How difficult is it to pay for interaction?

It’s a fast and easy process to buy 20 likes on Instagram:

  • Just decide how many hearts you want, navigate to the “likes” page from the main menu, and choose your package.
  • Then you’ll enter the link for your account, and add your credit card info for payment (VISA or Mastercard, AmEx or Discover are currently accepted), or choose Apple/Google Pay option.
  • After payment completes you’ll get an email confirmation, and delivery starts within the time stated for your package.

What is the best site for your social media engagement needs and why is that the best place?

  • BuyTopLikes.com is the ideal place to pay for hearts.
  • Our site is easy to use, provides likes from real users only, and our team is dedicated to providing the best customer service.
  • Our active likers are across the world, like Instagram’s typical audience profile, in countries including the UK, USA, Australia, India, and Nigeria.
  • You can even get cheap 20 likes on Instagram for all your profile pics if you want, or select which ones you want to apply them to.

Is it very expensive to get twenty Insta hearts?

No, the price is very reasonable. In fact, it’s so cheap it makes more sense of buying our small package of 20, which still costs $2.29. Your likes are only pennies each. If you’re happy with the results and want to add more, there are also larger cost-effective packages, going up to 100000!

What are some helpful ideas to buy 20 real Instagram likes instantly?

20 hearts is a good start for a small account. If you want to buy instant IG engagement only on some of your favorite pictures, then you should spread it between posts. Your stats will look more natural if they make sense for the number of fans you have. Getting hearts constantly will look authentic to people, including brands who want to work with an influencer. Fortunately, BuyTopLikes.com has a variety of packages for purchasing and can make a custom package just for you. This allows you to create a gradual growth pattern that will look natural, as you also add organic growth.


If I pay for 20 likes for Instagram can I get banned?

No, because we only use real accounts. Instagram only goes after people who have a lot of bots or fake interaction, because it clutters up their site. Since ours are 100% real, there is no risk for you or your carefully cultivated account.

How do I know my 20 hearts won’t disappear from my IG profile?

We have a 30-day guarantee on all engagement. If any of them disappear in that time period, they will be replaced. If you do have any difficulties with your order, or if it doesn't complete in the time frame stated when you ordered, please contact support@buytoplikes.com and we'll be happy to help you.

Can you tell me how to buy twenty likes on other people's Instagram?

If you think a friend's high quality post needs some love, you can enter a link to any account when you checkout. No password is necessary. Beware of any site that wants your account password when you purchase engagement!
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