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Want to Enhance Your Online Presence? Simply Pay for Instagram Views!

Like most social media platforms, Instagram can be difficult to grow on. With so many users, you may feel like your profile is falling behind. Chances are, you’ve looked up how you can enhance your presence. Find a niche, post content at certain hours, etc. But even when you do that, your content doesn’t do well. Are you doing something wrong?

The truth is that Instagram’s algorithm is tough towards smaller accounts. Instagram rewards people who have many followers, likes, and comments. But how can you gain those engagements if your profile is small?

The reason for this is because Instagram wants you to pay for advertising. Ads can be an effective way to grow your social media platform. But you need to spend a lot for you to get anywhere. Luckily, our Instagram services can help. We sell engagements to help your account grow for cheap. This includes instant views.

Why Do Views on Instagram Videos Matter?

If you want to grow your account, posting Instagram videos can be a great way for you to do so. While Instagram started as a photo app, it’s had a focus on video in recent years. This is due to Instagram competing with TikTok, YouTube and other video sharing apps.

If you want to get your videos on the Explore page, getting a lot of views is important. Instagram looks at several engagements with your video, such as comments and likes. But views are perhaps the most important. If there are many eyes on your video, Instagram sees that as a hot piece of content.

As such, your video may appear on the Explore page. This page recommends content to users based on their interests. This means that the people who may find your content are more likely to be your target audience.

Another reason why getting views is so important is because of social proof. If someone wants to watch a video, they may choose one with more views. This is because they perceive a well-viewed video as one that has something interesting that is catching the audience’s eye. This phenomenon is known as social proof.

If you want plenty of high-quality views, you should make interesting videos with quality video and audio. The videos should cater to your audience. Also, you should have an opening that catches the viewer’s attention since they may be scrolling mindlessly.

But as we said, Instagram can be unfair to small accounts. It can be difficult to attract views as a result. That’s why we suggest buying views.

Why Buy IG Views?

One social media marketing strategy we recommend is to buy views. Let’s explain why.

It’s Affordable

As mentioned, it can be difficult to go anywhere with ads unless you pay a lot. And few people have enough money for a good ad campaign. Meanwhile, our views packages cost very little, with different packages for different budgets.

It’s Fast

Let’s say you have a video promoting a new product or offer. It may be a time-sensitive video that you want people to see ASAP. When you buy views, you will start seeing them as soon as your payment is processed. With that said, we deliver views gradually to protect your account.

It’s Authentic

You may worry that the views you will receive come from dummy accounts. However, our views come from authentic profiles. These profiles tend to have profile pictures, content, and have been around for a while. While you cannot see who is viewing your video, it will look authentic on Instagram’s end, helping you to avoid any penalties with your account.

You Can Combine It With Other Services

Finally, our services include more than video views. We also have Instagram Story views, comments, likes, and other services. If you want the biggest boost, consider using all of our services.

Boost Your Account When You Buy Views for Instagram Videos

Being featured in the algorithm is a powerful thing. After purchasing Instagram views, you may notice that your account, in general, gets more eyes on it.

People may start to see your photos, Stories, Reels, and other content when you buy views. This is because the Instagram algorithm sees one piece of content as being a hit, and thus, they may promote more content. This strategy is great if you’re trying to get all of your posts for people to see.

With that said, this boost will not be forever. As soon as your video is out of the algorithm, you may need to use more of our services if you want to get back into the algorithm. Luckily, we make it easy to purchase another package.

When I Buy Instagram Views, What are the Benefits?

There are many other benefits that come after buying views. These benefits include:


Some people may worry about buying views for their Instagram accounts because they believe that they will see a drop in views. Or they may worry about not getting their order. Rest assured, when you order views from us, you will get several guarantees.

The first is the refill guarantee. If you see a drop in views, then contact us. We will give you more views to replace the ones you’ve lost.

The second is the refund guarantee. If you do not receive your views package, or it’s different than described, our team can help. They can give you a full refund on your purchase.

Quick Delivery

Buying Instagram views is a speedy process. Because of this fact, you don’t need to wait for you to receive your views packages. With that said, these services will always have gradual delivery as well. Gradual delivery ensures that your videos do not seem like they are botted.

Potentially More Followers

If your videos have many views, you may attract the attention of people who want to follow more accounts. The Instagram Explore page can be a powerful tool. As long as your video resonates with people, they may wish to follow you.

How Can I Get More Views Besides Buying Them?

One thing you need to remember about our services is that we’re not magic. We can help boost your video views greatly. However, we cannot guarantee that your videos will become viral or that you will gain Instagram followers by using our services. This is because you need to employ organic growth practices in addition to using our services. Here’s how.

Know Your Niche

If your Instagram account centers around a product or service, you probably have some idea about your audience and the niche you serve. However, you should dive deep into this niche. Look at people who follow your account and get an idea of what content they enjoy. What videos are they watching when it’s break time at work? Knowing this can help you post content that resonates with your audience.

Have Good Video and Audio

People won’t watch your videos if the audio seems low-quality and the video is unclear. You do not need to have studio-quality audio and video, but your phone’s camera should be relatively new and working well.

Have an Attention-Grabbing First Few Seconds

Many people on Instagram will scroll and scroll, and if a video doesn’t catch their attention immediately, they’ll continue scrolling. That’s why your video needs to have a memorable first few seconds. You can ask a question that will get people thinking or have some striking visuals. Watch videos from successful competitors and see what they do.

Use the Right Hashtags

Your hashtags may need some work. Many people use mainstream hashtags like #viral, not knowing that their video will just get drowned in the competition. That’s why it’s so important to use hashtags related to your niche. Do some research and see if there are tags that have popularity, but also aren’t too competitive. Also, be sure that you use around five hashtags. Using too many may lead to Instagram believing you are spamming, and thus they may reduce your ranking in the algorithm. That said, you can use a little more than five on occasion.

Post When Your Audience is Active

Instagram’s algorithm doesn’t rely on the newest posts, but it’s still important for you to post whenever your audience is the most active. One way you can do this is by looking at your Insights and seeing when your audience is online. Through scheduling your posts, you can set them to appear during times when you may not have access to your phone.

Study the Competition

Chances are that the product or service you offer has competitors. You should watch your competition to see what they do. While you should never copy their style, you can use it to evolve your videos in your own voice.

Learn What Works

Finally, you should learn what works and what doesn’t for your videos. Look at your best performing videos and see what they had that made them special. Meanwhile, use less of the contents of your least viewed videos. That said, always keep trying new things. Posting the same video over and over may lead to your audience becoming disinterested.

Why Choose BuyTopLikes to Buy Views?

Many websites offer video views for Instagram. So, out of all of them, why choose us? Here are some reasons.

Affordable Prices

We understand that it can be challenging to grow your account when you’re on a small budget. That’s why we offer our packages at affordable prices. We also offer many discounts, helping you to save.

We’re Quick

If you need your views quickly, we can help. We have a speedy delivery time. With that said, we send views gradually to protect your account. Therefore, you should keep that in mind if you have purchased a larger package.

Valuable Customer Support

If you need help, our customer support team is here for you. They can answer any questions you have, such as honoring a guarantee or general inquiries.

Trusted By Many

Many Instagram users, both large and small, have used our services to boost their accounts. And almost all of them have an amazing experience.

We Focus on Instagram Only

Many social media services focus on several websites. While this strategy can be effective, many of them will not offer every possible boost. Because we focus on Instagram, we can help you maximize your account’s potential.

These are several reasons why you should choose us. We’re here for you when you need as much growth as possible.


If I Buy Instagram Views, Can They Be Lost?

Our Instagram video views are low drop, meaning that you're less likely to see a drop. However, it's still possible that you may lose some views. Our Instagram services include a refill guarantee, which will give you more views in the event that a drop happens.

If I Buy Instagram Video Views, Will My Instagram Account Get Banned?

Our video views come from authentic accounts with profile pictures and an aged presence. Also, we distribute these views in a natural way. As a result, it is very unlikely that you will see a ban.

What Information Do I Need for Buying Instagram Video Views?

We need your email, Instagram username with a link to the video, and a payment method. We will never ask for your Instagram profile password.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Google Pay, and Apple Pay and we plan to add crypto.

What Counts as an Instagram View?

Instagram views are when someone watches a video for at least three seconds. Since many people will scroll and videos tend to autoplay, Instagram tries to ensure that the view count comes from profiles that have actually watched some of the video.

Can You See Who Has Viewed Your Video?

No. Instagram's insights can give you information about the viewers. However, you will not be able to see their individual accounts.

Will People Know I Used Your Services to Buy Real Instagram Views?

No one will know you purchased Instagram views. First, our services are discreet. We never share customer information to the public. Second, these views are distributed naturally. Because of this fact, people can only speculate if you bought views or if you did not.

Is There a Video Length Limit for your Social Media Services?

No. Our viewers only need to watch three seconds of your video for it to count as a view. Because of this, the video can be as long as you want.

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We know that speed matters in the world of social media. You have competitors in your niche, and you want those views quickly. Our order process is as streamlined as you will find and takes only a few moments.

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We know that when you order from us, you want your product delivered quickly. We don’t dawdle when an order comes in. Our specialists provide the package you ordered rapidly, so you’ll reach your goals in no time.

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