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Security is so critical, with internet hacking on the rise. Your credit or debit card info is always safe with us. We have the most advanced anti-hacker tech on our website so that you can feel safe ordering through a smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.

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We know that speed matters in the world of social media. You have competitors in your niche, and you want those views quickly. Our order process is as streamlined as you will find and takes only a few moments.

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We know that when you order from us, you want your product delivered quickly. We don’t dawdle when an order comes in. Our specialists provide the package you ordered rapidly, so you’ll reach your goals in no time.

24/7 Support

We have a support system here on our website at all hours of the day. Leave us a message, and we’ll get back to you quickly. We strive for customer loyalty, and we know part of that is responding to your needs.

Full Warranty

We also offer a full warranty on our product packages that we stand behind under any circumstances. If something ever doesn’t look right to you or you didn’t get what you wanted, reach out to us, and we’ll resolve it for you.

Best Quality

You can expect superior quality products from us. We know what you want, and we deliver for you. Conquer Instagram with our engagement packages, and take your business or brand visibility to the next level.

About us

We are a team of experienced marketers that know how hard it can be to grow and establish a powerful online presence. Through our ideas and expertise you can get amazing results all the time and you can also grow your subscription methods unlike never before.

We believe in quality and professionalism, and you can rest assured that we will be there to help you no matter what happens!

What Real Value Do You Get When You Buy Instagram Views? Who Is Most Inclined to Do That?

If you buy cheap Instagram views, you’re getting a tremendous value for the money.

Views on IG matter a great deal. Every video and photo that you post needs to get the maximum amount of engagement if you hope to steal some attention on this extremely competitive social media platform.

There are many individuals and companies that can benefit when they pay for cheap viewership numbers on Instagram.

For instance, you might be a would-be influencer trying to get noticed, but you don’t have a following yet. You may run a business that is successful on another platform, but this is your first foray into new social media territory.

Why Should You Consider Paid Views for Instagram? How Does the Whole Process Work?

In discussing the benefits when you purchase Instagram views, it helps to look at the pros and cons.


  • This is one of the cheapest ways of gaining prominence for your brand.
  • It’s completely safe to take delivery of IG video views this way, provided you order from BuyTopLikes.com.
  • You can take advantage of perceived popularity. When more people see that you’re getting viewership numbers, they’ll flock to your videos.


  • Some people prefer to build up an organic following rather than artificially inflating theirs. There’s nothing wrong with this method. Just know that it is quite slow. When you buy Instagram video views, you get popular fast.

If you buy from our site, you’ll start to see your numbers increase within 24 hours. We only use real accounts and no bots.

How Do You Buy Cheap Views On Instagram Videos?

Nothing could be simpler than buying instant engagement for Instagram

  • Start by selecting the package you want.
  • Next, we will need the info for your videos for which you want viewership growth.
  • We’ll require a credit card number for your payment. We accept MasterCard, American Express, Discovery and, of course, Visa. Also, Google and Apple Pay are available as payment methods.
  • You can give us an email address next so we can confirm the order.
  • Now you can watch as, within the next 24 hours, we start to deliver your order.

If it sounds easy, that’s because it is. We’re the cheapest way for you to get a targeted gain, and we love helping you spread your social media influence.

Where Would You Go to Pay for Cheap Viewership on IG Videos? Why Should You Purchase One of These Packages from BuyTopLikes.com?

This website is the best place to find viewers packages for sale. We’re number one for this type of service, and if you get a few impressions of some of our competitors, you’ll see why.

This is going to be the safest place for you to get viewership from exclusively active accounts, without bots. Many other places where you can purchase cheap Instagram views, you can expect inactive accounts and bots when they fill your order.

This is a dishonest tactic that will never let you get ahead on social media, and it’s not something we ever do.

If You’re Ready to Buy Cheap Instagram Video Views, How Much Does That Cost?

We love helping out social media users who want to reach their business goals, which is why we offer a wide variety of low-cost services.

You can start with one of the most inexpensive and small packages or you could get a much bigger package too.

You should also keep in mind that we run special promotions. Check back here on the site to see what we’ve got going on at any given time. We might be running a flash sale.

Is It Completely Safe to Buy IG Views This Way?

Some people get nervous about buying this type of package, but it’s completely safe and legit. An instant viewership increase is something that many prominent companies do. They often allocate money every month or quarter so they can buy this type of engagement.

Since we only use no-bot deliveries from real accounts, you can expect great things when you order from BuyTopLikes.com. Our quality is unmatched, and you can even place an order and divide the numbers between multiple different videos.

It’s this ease and convenience that puts our service in a class by itself.


To Start a Delivery, Do You Need My Name, Password, and Other Personal Information?

To deliver your instant engagement package, we don’t need your password or any other personal data that you’d prefer to keep to yourself. We’ll need your credit card number for payment and your video info, but other than that, you don’t have to give us anything. We respect your privacy and always will.

What Country Can I Be In If I Want to Buy Real Instagram Views from You?

We cater to lots of different countries, including the US, UK, Canada, Australia, India, Nigeria, and other countries as well. We consider ourselves to be a true international company, helping clients with their social media goals all over the world. Part of what’s so great about this type of marketing is that it’s not restricted by any borders.

How Can I Be Quite Certain That This is the Lowest-Priced Option for More Instagram Viewership?

You can be sure of a low price that no other company beats because we scour the marketplace to bring you the best deal. We know that your budget for social media marketing is not infinite, and we want to give you the most value for the money. That is why a bulk purchase from us is always going to be the cheapest and most authentic.

If I Want to Buy Views on Instagram, What Is the Recommended Amount?

For the best results, the more IG video viewership you get, the better it is for you. If you have a ton of views for some of your video offerings, it will appear that those ones have gone viral. That will get you even higher numbers due to the bandwagon effect of more people showing up and watching.

Can I Purchase Instagram Viewership if I Have My Account Set to Private?

Yes, you can still pay for one of our marketing engagement packages if you have your account set to private. The privacy setting does not affect whether or not we can deliver your package. However, if you want to get the full benefits of our services, you should consider adjusting the privacy setting.

How Fast Can I Expect to Get My Whole Viewers Package Delivered?

The speed with which we deliver your numbers depends on how many views you got from us. However, we know that you want your engagement to rise quickly, so we’ll start the process within 24 hours every time. If you got a huge package, it might take a few days, but with a little patience, those watchers will soon be yours.

Can You Guarantee Me A Particular Number of Organic Views If I Purchase From You?

You’re more likely to get organic viewership numbers if you grab one of the packages from BuyTopLikes.com. However, we cannot guarantee a certain amount, no matter how many you buy from us. That is because you still need to deliver excellent content on the platform to attract an organic following. If you have great videos, that will help.

Can IG Detect If I Buy One of These Packages?

There is no way for the platform to tell if you become one of our many satisfied customers. Without bot use or inactive accounts, it appears as though you are building up your watchers organically. That’s why you know it’s always safe to purchase through our website.

Do I Need to Pay for Instagram Views, Or Can I Build Up My Numbers Organically?

You can always try a gradual, organic increase if you want. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that. The problem is that it does not often work unless you’re already extremely popular when you start using the platform. If no one knows you, you have to fight for every view. That is why so many companies use the cheap way to get numbers instantly.

Is Buying IG Views Completely Legal?

Yes, it is legal to get an engagement package of the sort that we provide. It’s a recognized and widely accepted form of social media marketing in which many large companies engage. Many businesses allocate money to get one of our services, especially if they’re running a sale or promotion.

Can My Instagram Account Get a Ban for Purchasing Insta Viewership this Way?

The only way your account could get banned is if we used bots or inactive accounts to send you your views. That’s not something we ever do, so you’re in the clear. We use our network of real, active users around the world to fill our orders.