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What are Live Views for Instagram and who regularly buys them?

IG Live Views is an exciting new feature of Insta that allows you to live stream in real time for up to an hour. These videos seem very exclusive to viewers and help get your audience engaged, so many people decide to buy Instagram live views. However, they aren’t automatically stored to pop up in viewers’ feeds like standard videos. But as the publisher, you have the option to save and share the video later.

Why are live views so important to people trying to get more IG fans? Because IG shows your followers when an account is live, and sometimes even pushes a notification after you start live streaming. This helps keep people interested and engaged with your content, so they’ll see more of it in the future, whether it’s live or not. Plus it stimulates organic growth by getting your videos seen by more people. Live videos run in the same section of your profile as stories, and have a view counter. This is important to people trying to strengthen their reputation or show off their audience size—influencers, entertainers, authors or bloggers, business owners, coaches, etc.

Why should you buy IG live views?

Real Instagram live hits are essential for several reasons. This feature is very popular with Instagrammers—today more than ever, people like to connect with others during a live event that they share online. As the publisher, you also get real-time feedback on your work and can engage with the audience as well. Additionally, IG’s account ranking algorithm, which determines things like how many people get to see your content in their feeds, gives more weight to live videos thans stories. This is why so many people buy Instagram live viewers.

What are the Benefits of Boosting Instagram Live Hits and How You Can Utilize Them for Promotion?

There are multiple benefits when you buy IG live viewers:

  • The more watchers you have, the more interest others will have in watching, so you’ll grow organically.
  • Your hard work on great video content will get better, faster results with more hits.
  • You’ll have increased credibility from your impressive audience size.
  • When you pay for hits, you get them fast and easily.
  • Increased engagement will help you or your business or brand build a loyal fan base.
  • You get a leg up on the competition (other videos with fewer watchers).
  • You never have to worry about building excitement for your next live streaming event only to realize no one or only a few people showed up to watch.

What are Reasons to Buy Hits from BuyTopLikes.com?

While other sites may sell you “views” from bot or fake accounts, we never do that at BuyTopLikes.com. Our watchers are 100% real, active users—no bots for sale here!—and provide you with a high retention rate of 45-50 minutes. Your low cost purchase gets you instant, safe delivery of results, with a guarantee that you’ll get the number of viewers you pay for. We also have cheap prices and high quality customer support.

What are the instructions of how to buy watchers on Instagram instantly?

Buying hits for Instagram usually takes less than three minutes. Before you get started, make sure your account is set to public for best results. Then head directly to BuyTopLikes.com for the cheapest, safest experience. Once there, choose the option for live views, then enter your profile link and select your current live video. (If you’re going to be on screen, you might ask a friend to place the order so you won’t be distracted. This is easy to do because no password is needed.) Next you’ll complete payment by entering a credit card (VISA, Mastercard, Discover, AmEx) or Google or Apple Pay. Once it goes through, you’ll start getting more legit IG watchers within 5 minutes.

Is it safe to buy watchers and What do I have to pay attention to when ordering?

Only with BuyTopLikes.com can you rest assured your purchase is safe and secure. We’ve all heard about someone who paid for views and got banned from Insta. The reason this happens is because people sometimes buy from poor quality sites that sell “views” from bot or fake accounts. IG hates these fakers with a passion because they slow down the site and often produce a lot of spam. Not only do they delete the bots, but also accounts with the highest number of hits from these bots, because they contribute to the problem. But because BuyTopLikes.com never employs fake users, your account and reputation are safe. We also never collect sensitive info like passwords at checkout, only your email address so we can send you a confirmation of your order.


Is buying Instagram watchers legal?

Yes. There are no laws about paid watchers, and IG itself doesn't forbid you from paying someone to view your content. They only have a problem with people paying for fake users to view their stream. Since all our users are real, there is no problem.

How soon can I expect delivery?

As soon as your payment goes through you'll start to get hits. These will continue increase in a gradual, natural-looking spread throughout your video.

Can I Buy Impressions from A Targeted Country?

No, because our viewers are from all over the world, much like a typical audience on the website. They are from places as varied as India, the US, the UK, Canada, Nigeria, and many others.

How long will viewers stay on my Instagram stream?

You'll gain watchers with good retention, of 45-50 minutes. Many will stay until the video ends.

What payment options does your company accept?

VISA, Mastercard, Discover, AmEx, or Google or Apple Pay. You don't need a Paypal account.

Are these viewers going to like my live video as well?

Not necessarily, but views of streams are both harder to get and more important to Insta's rankings than likes.

Can my Instagram account get banned for buying Insta Live Views?

No. That only happens in situations where a user buys hits from bot or fake accounts in bulk. BuyTopLikes.com only has real viewers.

How Can Video Hits Get Me More Followers?

It's frustrating when your hard work on a stream doesn't get much attention, and your follower count remains low. Getting instant hits has a strong effect on your ranking in IG's algorithms. The more watchers you have, the more people will see your live event pop up in their feeds. This gets you organic watchers, who may comment and further improve your ranking, allowing even more people to see your content and want to follow you.

What is the best time to share a video?

First, make sure to save your video after it ends, then share it some time within the next 24 hours. The best time may vary depending on your audience, but Insta has the highest traffic numbers during the daytime in most time zones. However, it doesn't hurt to experiment with different times to see if one works better than others.