About us

Who we are: Our Mission and Strategy

Who We Are

BuyTopLikes is in the business of helping you grow your business, or sphere of influence, in the social realm. We know it's hard to gain organic followers and engagement, because modern social site algorithms are tilted in favor of the already-popular accounts and content.

Mission & Vision

Whether you're an influencer, an entertainer, or a business owner, you probably know that one-third of Instagram users have purchased through the platform, so you need to reach more of them. Many people—from bloggers to business coaches—find paid engagement worthwhile. Unfortunately, sites like Instagram are deleting bot and fake accounts—and punishing people who purchase these. BuyTopLikes helps you avoid this issue by selling audience members and interaction from only real users.


We provide only real accounts, in convenient, preselected packages, or custom orders. Through our relentless devotion to customer service, we ensure customers are pleased and visit us again when they have further social media expansion needs. Paid growth quickly spurs organic growth, so you can reach potential customers.

Our Principles and Values

Our values are enthusiastic customer service, the quality of real followers, and helping our customers with their goals. We do this by:

Having a solid strategy in place.

Everything we do is designed to work toward our goals of serving our customers and making the social media arena an easier place to get noticed.

Go where your audience is.

We meet our users where they are, whether that's Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube.

Give your presence a purpose.

We know how disheartening it is to work hard on quality content, only to feel like you're shouting into the void. With an increase in traffic, you'll get organic growth and rediscover your purpose online.

Be available, responsive, and engaging.

We work hard to let our customers know we're always here for them.

Results rule. Period.

That“s why we specialize in helping you get results on your social channels.

What makes BuyTopLikes.com different?

At BuyTopLikes, we work hard to provide the following advantages for our customers:

Increased organic growth.

Increased organic growth.

Yes, humans are social creatures, and it's a lot more likely we'll engage with content if we see other people doing the same.

Real users and engagement.

Real users and engagement.

You're here because your account is more than just a way to pass the time—it's a way to build an audience for your business or personal brand. So you can't risk losing your account over fake followers. Unlike competitors, BuyTopLikes never uses fake or bot accounts.



Because we use real accounts, no one will know you paid for a few followers or likes. Our site is encrypted, so your payment and other info is secure.

Meet Our Team

One of our founders got jealous of a friend's toy poodle—because the dog had more Instagram followers than him! He decided to do something about it, only to discover many companies sell fake accounts. So he came up with the idea of BuyTopLikes, enlisted some friends—and now he's making that poodle jealous!

Ronald A. Harris - CEO & Strategic Marketing Director

Ronald loves to travel the world and document his experiences on Instagram and his blog. With over 12 years of marketing experience in the social media field, he now helps others do the same. His job includes marketing strategy, campaign execution, and client development. Before founding BuyTopLikes.com, Ronald worked in marketing and business development positions.

Frank D. Mitchell - Web Developer

Constantly seeking to improve users' online experience, Frank is a web developer. He's learned 15+ programming languages, built this website, and created an algorithm that collects real likes and followers for our clients. Frank loves a challenge and is always coming up with new ways of seeing things.

Amanda J. Carney - Customer Relations Lead

Amanda loves dogs and books, and shares both on YouTube. She graduated from the University of Florida, then spent ten years in customer relations for several Fortune 500 companies. Amanda connects customers and the BuyTopLikes.com production department to keep things running smoothly. She loves finding new opportunities to improve the user experience.

If you have any questions reagarding our service or want to drop a line to our Team Members, please Contact Us.