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How to Launch
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Select package

You have to choose the number of followers, views or likes you want.


Add the account page

Here you can choose a landing page to get your Instagram activity and then you have to pick the payment method.


Receive the order

You will receive your order in full within 24 hours. Everything here is handled manually.


Why is it important to have Instagram followers who like your pictures instead of just followers?

It’s great to have a lot of fans on Insta, but if you have a lot who never interact with your content, both IG’s algorithms and other people may think your pics aren’t very interesting. For this reason, you may choose to buy followers that like your photos.

These are real, active users who will also go on to heart your photos. The increase in both followers and engagement tells the website’s algorithms that your content is popular, which helps get it in more users’ feeds. That then gives more people the opportunity to like it. Because the site is designed to promote content that already has a ton of fans and hearts, it’s difficult to grow an account if you don’t already have these things. That’s where we can help.

How does that work when you buy Instagram followers that like your photos, and who should do this?

This is an easy system to follow:

  • First, you sign up for a one-time payment subscription (per month) for your chosen number of followers. You can select from several packages, or contact support@buytoplikes.com if you want a custom package just for you.
  • We send you this number of followers during the next few days within a week.
  • These followers like new pictures and other posts until the end of the subscription period. Your fans will also like video posts and IGTV videos.

These quality likes appear organic because they come from your fans. Typically someone with 1000 fans will get around 400-500 hearts in a month. This is a very healthy ratio.
Buying followers who like your pictures is great for a variety of people, but especially for:

  • influencers,
  • bloggers,
  • business owners or coaches,
  • models,
  • actors,
  • artists,
  • other performers or entertainers,
  • singers and bands,

and anyone who wants to build a targeted, engaged audience.

What are the reasons to purchase followers that like your pictures?

There are many great reasons to buy followers that like pictures:

  • The increase in popularity and credibility of your content tells IG to put your posts on higher positions in your followers’ feeds, increasing organic growth as well.
  • A high CTR (click-through rate) will also make your posts seem more popular to Insta—and anyone looking at your account.
  • Having a lot of highly engaged fans is more impressive to company representatives who want to hire an influencer than just having a lot of fans.
  • This also betters your chances to get your content on IG’s Exploring page and reach more users.
  • It also improves your stats and analytics.
  • This can help fuel long-term growth in both fans and engagement.

Where To Buy Instagram followers that will like your photos and why is BuyTopLikes.com the best site for it?

Fans that will like your pictures improve your standing by increasing both the number of followers and the amount of interaction with posts. There are lots of advantages to buying this service from us:

  • We offer really cheap prices on Insta friends.
  • No bots here! For our low cost, you get only real Instagram followers. Other services may sell you fake followers who do more harm than good to your account.
  • Fast, easy delivery.
  • Safe and secure service.
  • We have a dedicated customer support team to help if you encounter any issues.
  • Our non drop guarantee means if you lose any of your new fans within 30 days, we’ll replace them for free, so you can grow without losing fans.

How to pay for true fans in a few easy steps?

Getting users to like your photos is simple and takes only a few minutes.

  • First, go to BuyTopLikes.com, then Select how many fans will like your content.
  • Next, you’ll be asked for your profile link for Instagram.
  • We’ll also need your email to send you a confirmation. This is all the info we need—we never ask for anything sensitive, like your password.
  • Then you’ll enter payment info. You can use any credit card backed by VISA, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express. We also accept Google or Apple Pay.
  • After your payment is complete, you’ll get an email that confirms your order.

Is it safe to buy Instagram users that engage with your posts?

Yes, because we have only real and genuine fans. IG is not opposed to users buying fans, but you may know some people who bought followers and got their account suspended. This is because IG hates bots, and if you have too many bot fans, they assume you’re paying for them. That’s a problem for Insta because bots clog up their site and cause nothing but problems, so they will delete or suspend you if you have too many fake followers. But the site doesn’t care if you pay real users, so BuyTopLikes.com is the safe solution. This way you can boost your account without losing its reputation or status—or the whole account.


Is buying Instagram followers legal?

Yes, there are no laws against buying fans who also like your posts. It isn’t forbidden by Insta, either.

Can you get banned on Instagram for buying followers?

No, but you can get banned for having too many bot or fake fans. This is where some people run into problems. Usually those who do bought from a site that sells bot fans (although they probably won’t advertise this fact). But you won’t have to worry about this with BuyTopLikes, because we only have real users.

When you buy Instagram followers how long does it take?

It depends on the amount, but most people see their first new fans within ten minutes or so of email confirmation. Typically the rest of the order will be filled within 1-2 days, sometimes longer for bigger amounts. Your email confirmation will give you an estimated completion time.

What are the delivery terms?

BuyTopLikes guarantees your order will be delivered as described on our site, so if you order 100 fans to heart your content for a month, that’s what you should get. If for some reason you don’t receive your full order, please contact us at support@buytoplikes.com and we’ll be happy to fix it for you.

Is buying fake Instagram friends possible at your website?

No, because all our users are real. We never employ fake or bot accounts.

Can you guarantee that your users won’t drop from my profile after the subscription period?

We have a 30-day guarantee on fans after the subscription period. If they drop in that time period they will be replaced. However, you should gain organic growth during the subscription period which may offset any losses later.

When you buy Instagram friends that engage with my pics do they unfollow?

They are guaranteed for 30 days after the subscription period ends. Then some may unfollow, usually in the neighborhood of 5-20%. However, the gains you made in organic growth will make up for much of this loss. Or, you can subscribe for longer periods to keep your fans around.

Does Instagram know when you buy friends?

Not as long as your friends are all real, like ours at BuyTopLikes.com. If you get too many fake fans, IG will assume those are paid and may punish your account. You can avoid this problem by only buy real users from BuyTopLikes.

Can people find out if I buy Instagram followers?

No, your order information is secure, and there’s no way for IG to tell if you only have real users following you. All our users are real, active accounts.

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I don't write many reviews, but I want to say how happy am I with this site's service! Buying the opportunity to get more followers that engage with my content is the best idea that I had! My audience is now active and growing like hell! Glad to have such work for the cheapest price!

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