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What Are Impressions on Instagram and Why Are They Very Important?

Many people trying to grow their IG profile wonder if they should buy Instagram impressions to improve their account’s stats. But what are impressions? They represent the count of times each post has been seen, and they are important for the following reasons:

  • They help you build awareness with your target audience. The more times a viewer sees your content in their feed, the more aware they will be of your brand.
  • They are just as essential as post reach (the number of unique viewers).
  • Insta’s algorithms take both reach and impressions into consideration when deciding if your posts are popular enough to appear in the feeds of more users.
  • For this reason, impressions help to boost organic growth for your account.

How Are Impressions and Reach Different on Instagram?

If you want to buy Instagram reach or impressions, it’s important to know the difference. Impressions are not unique hits – in other words, if someone sees your latest post three times, that counts as three impressions. Reach measures unique visitors, so if a person views your post three times, it only counts as one viewer for your reach stats. So impressions are always higher than reach.

Who buys IG Impressions and why should I buy some?

You’d be surprised how many different kinds of people buy Instagram impressions and reach. Here are some examples:

  • Businesses trying to expand their following, hits, and other stats
  • Airlines
  • Online stores
  • Influencers and aspiring influencers constantly need to expand their audience and get more views
  • Entertainers like actors, singers, dancers, and comedians
  • Writers and bloggers
  • Coaches or lifestyle celebrities

There are many reasons people purchase Instagram reach and impressions. It helps users expand their IG account faster and improves analytics for advertising. Getting views organically can be difficult when the IG algorithms favor content that already has a lot of hits. Many people who are busy running a business or otherwise working on their career don’t have a ton of time to discover how to beat the algorithms, so buying views on Instagram is a quick and effective solution.

How Exactly Do IG Reach and Impressions Work?

You can see your post impressions, reach, and other stats by going to your profile and selecting the Insights button. Check to see whether you have a business account – if not, you will need to shift to one. It also has to be made public. Impressions for IG and reach are updated daily, with a lag of about a day, and are available for 30 days. Keep in mind that when you buy cheap Instagram impressions from BuyTopLikes, you get hits from only genuine and real visitors. So the Insta algorithm will register increased attention to your material and show it to more users, boosting your organic growth.

What Are the Main Advantages of Purchasing IG Impressions for a Business or Branding Account?

When you buy Instagram impressions for cheap, you get an impressive effect on your IG account very quickly. Here are a few of the major benefits:

  • A boost in traffic leads to more people viewing your work and that means more engagement and exposure.
  • This in turn increases organic growth for your account, upping your reach or the number of unique visitors you get.
  • You get improved sales or revenue for your business.
  • Your overall Insta stats will improve and your page performance will be more impressive to potential clients.
  • You’ll improve your chances of landing on IG’s coveted Explore page.
  • With a growth in views, your credibility rises and your audience will trust you more.
  • Buying hits results in an instant increase in reach and visibility for your profile.

Where can you buy Real Instagram Hits and why should you Trust BuyTopLikes.com?

Our service is the right choice and the best place to improve your post reach on Instagram for lots of reasons:

  • Our customer service team consists of only real social media specialists, and they’re always available to assist you with getting more impressions for Instagram. If you run into any difficulties, we’re happy to help you work them out.
  • All of your visitors are real, genuine and active users. There is no bot army here to embarrass you.
  • Ordering from BuyTopLikes.com has the lowest prices and it’s the cheapest way to get more IG content views.
  • We have tight security and encryption on our website, data of your purchase is always confidential.
  • The delivery process is safe, fast, and simple. It usually takes less than five minutes to order and start getting new views.

How can you order Real Instagram Impressions? – Note the following when purchasing

Purchasing views and expanding your reach on IG can happen any time you want. You can even order from your phone. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Start at the Homepage or this page.
  • Select the tab for Impressions and choose the quantity you need.
  • Next, you’ll be prompted to share the link to your Insta profile. Make sure your account has been switched to public!
  • Choose the post or posts you want to pay for hits on.
  • After that, you’ll be prompted to enter your payment information. You can pay with a credit card like AmEx, Visa, Discover or Mastercard, or Google or Apple Pay. Buy without PayPal.
  • We will request an email address from you in order to give you a purchase confirmation. That’s all – We do not gather any personally identifiable information, and there is no password needed.
  • Your instant paid hits begin to appear immediately after your payment is processed. (You will receive an email to confirm your registration.) These impressions are from real users’ profiles, so there is no reason to be concerned about the problems associated with bot profiles.
  • Your delivery continues in a gradual flow as more real users come online, until your order is completely filled.

How much do Instagram hits cost?

The price for each package may vary depending on market conditions, but our service is designed to always provide low-cost options. You can buy small or large amounts of hits, so there is an option that’s affordable for everyone. Right now you can get 500 real impressions for $1.99, so act fast.

Is it safe to improve your stats this way?

Yes. Because all our users are real, genuine profiles, this is the safest way to grow your account. IG regularly deletes and bans bot accounts, and sometimes, users with a large number of views from those bot accounts (whether they know it or not). But because we never use bots at BuyTopLikes.com, You may instantly and risk-free increase your numbers.


Is buying Instagram Impressions illegal?

No, paying for views doesn’t violate any laws, and it’s not even specifically banned by Insta. However, IG’s algorithms will root out bot accounts and may ban you if the business you bought from uses a lot of bots to achieve results. But because BuyTopLikes.com only uses real accounts, your profile is safe.

Can Anyone Find Out I Bought Insta Impressions?

No. The other benefit to using real accounts is that it looks perfectly natural for real people to view posts on IG. And because the hits come from real users, neither Insta nor anyone else can tell how they came to watch your content.

Is it possible that my Instagram account may be banned if I buy hits for Instagram?

No, Insta won’t use the banhammer on you for purchasing views from legit accounts. They only punish people who buy from bot farms.

Is it possible to buy views if my IG blog is set to private?

Unfortunately, no, our real users have to be able to view your content. Set your profile's visibility to public before you buy, and leave it that way until your order is completely fulfilled. Then you can change it back to private if you like.

What is the estimated delivery time of IG Impressions on average?

Usually your hits start to appear in less than five minutes. They will not show up all at once, and depending on the package size you ordered, it may take a few hours to a few days for the full amount to arrive. This looks like a natural, organic progression of people viewing your content.

Can I Buy Insta Impressions Multiple Times?

Absolutely. This is a great way to get a continued boost as your organic traffic also grows. Any time your visits or engagement slow down, just order another package and watch your followers get interested in your new posts.

Is there a guarantee, and will I be able to receive a return if something goes wrong?

We ensure that all orders will be delivered according to the specifications listed on our website. If you don’t believe you received your package as described, please contact our customer service specialists at support@buytoplikes.com. They will be happy to help address any difficulties you’re having.

Can I Beat My Competitors Using By Buying Impressions?

Beating your competitors can mean different things to different people, but we’ll assume you want to sell more of a business product or service than your competitors. There are a lot of factors that affect sales besides impressions on IG. However, any promotion you do on your Insta account will probably be more successful if more people see it, and buying hits helps to improve organic views.

How important are Instagram post impressions in growing a new account?

Pretty important. Each quality impression gets you closer to gaining the attention of IG’s algorithms, which may decide to put you in more feeds if your content appears to be popular already. As you can imagine, getting started is really hard with this model. Buying impressions from our website can give you a head start, allowing you to get your post in more feeds, and gather even more attention.

Are Page Views and Impressions the Same Thing?

No. If you think about scrolling on the gram, you realize that you view a lot of stuff without going to a different page. IG’s algorithms care more about who sees your post in their feed than how many people look at your profile page, so the hits you bought are more important.

Are All Your View From Real And Genuine Accounts?

Definitely. Our site never uses bot or fake accounts. All our viewers are real, genuine IG users whose accounts don’t send up any red flags for the Insta algorithms to worry about.

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If you want to increase your IG profile performance, BuyTopLikes is definitely the service you need! They provide only real, organic impressions that influence your traffic in the best way possible. I also like their responsive customer support. These guys always helped me even in the middle of the night. 5 stars service!

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I was looking for a good service to buy IG impressions for my account and ran into this one. I liked their website and prices and decided to give it a try. All the engagement I received was from real accounts and influenced my profile growth really well. Would recommend!

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