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What are Instagram Comment Likes and Why Do You Need Them?

Likes on IG comments you make count toward your engagement metrics and help the Insta algorithm see your account as popular. The more engagement you have, the more IG will put your content in other user feeds, so in order to grow organically it helps to buy Instagram comment likes. Here are some of the many benefits:

  • IG’s algorithm ranks comments on a post based on popularity, and will move your comment closer to the top if it has more hearts.
  • If your comment on a popular post is seen by more people, it draws attention to your account and could even go viral.
  • When your reply receives hundreds of likes, you seem like a more interesting user to follow.
  • Your own content on Instagram seems more credible if a lot of people like your responses.
  • If you have a business account, a well-placed comment with a lot of hearts can help promote your business and earn you new fans.

Who Will Buy IG Comment Likes For Sale and How does it Work?

Lots of people who want a cheap way to increase their popularity buy comment hearts. Some groups who find it particularly helpful include:

  • Business owners or people in charge of managing social media for a small business. It can be hard for a new account to gain traction on IG and buying reply likes can give you a boost.
  • Entertainers and artists – as with businesses, it’s hard to grow your account and gain visibility because Insta rewards accounts that already have a ton of engagement.
  • Authors and bloggers also sometimes need help getting their content seen by more users.
  • Anyone with a small or new account that they’re struggling to grow amid bigger and more popular profiles.

When you buy comment likes on Instagram, you’ll select the post and add the username of the commenter you want to boost. Then you choose the comment or comments you want hearts on. After paying for your order, you’ll get a confirmation email, and new taps start appearing right away. All likes are from real accounts and will come in a gradual, natural-looking progression.

What are the Advantages of Purchasing Likes for Instagram Comments?

There are lots of great reasons to start improving engagement on your IG replies today:

  • IG’s algorithm doesn’t put comments in chronological order unless there is only a small amount. When you see a post with dozens of comments (or more), the responses you first see are the most popular. If you keep hitting the “see more” option, you’ll see the next most engaged batch, and so on.
  • The more hearts your reply gets, the more likely it is to be closer to the top and be seen by viewers.
  • The more users who see your comment, the more opportunities you have to get taps.
  • This also leads to more people thinking your content will be funny or interesting and potentially following you.
  • Some posts have contests or giveaways for the person with the most-liked comment.

Why is Buytoplikes.com The Best Choice for Purchasing likes on comments on Instagram?

BuyTopLikes is the clear choice for a fast, targeted increase in reply hearts. Our IG experts have analyzed how the platform works and know exactly what our customers need to improve their profile metrics. All our taps are from real, legit users – we have a strict no bot policy. Our service is also the cheapest way to increase comment likes and we offer fast, simple delivery.

How easy is it to get likes on instagram comment?

It’s very easy to buy comment liking for Instagram, and usually takes two minutes or less. Just follow these simple instructions:

  • Use the BuyTopLikes.com website.
  • Choose the menu item for comment likes and how many you want.
  • Copy and paste the URL of the post, then specify the commenter’s username and which comment (if there’s more than one).
  • Be sure your account is set to public so our genuine users can find you!
  • After you pay for your hearts with a credit card or Apple Pay (no PayPal necessary), you’ll get an instant start on more taps.
  • New hearts will keep appearing until your package is fulfilled. This could take a few hours to a day or two depending on how many taps you bought, but it will appear organic as all our likers are real people.

How Much Would It Cost Me to Purchase Instagram comments likes?

Cost may vary by season, but BuyTopLikes always has the most competitive prices. At the moment, our smallest package of 20 comment hearts is only $0.69, while our biggest package of 5000 taps is only $27.99. However, we can also make customer packages if you don’t see what you’re looking for. For these low rates, we promise only real, genuine users and top quality customer service.

Is it actually safe to buy IG comment likes?

Yes, because we use only real, active accounts, so IG has no way to know that your likers are paid. Also they don’t care – they only ban or delete accounts for having two much interaction with bots. Because none of our users are bots, you can rest assured your profile is safe from scrutiny. We also maintain a very secure site and don’t gather any sensitive info, only an email address for order confirmation. We will never ask for your account password and you shouldn’t trust any site that does.


Can I buy likes for someone else’s comments?

Yes, just make sure to copy and paste their user name and check to ensure their account is set to public.

Is paying for cheap Instagram comment likes legal?

It’s 100 percent legal. There are no laws against buying hearts when you comment on Instagram photos. Furthermore, it’s not against IG’s terms of service, either – as long as you buy from real profiles and not fake or bot accounts.

Is it possible to spread likes between several responses on Instagram?

Yes, you just need to put the replies in the order you want them done.

What about buying real comment taps for an account that is not mine?

All you have to do is make sure to enter their username. Then you’ll see a list of their comments and can choose from and rank them as usual.

Can I get banned or get in trouble for buying reply hearts?

No. IG only bans accounts if they noticed that too many bot or fake fans liked your replies. As long as all your taps are from real users like the ones at BuyTopLikes, you’ll be fine.

Will the hearts I pay for disappear or decrease in time?

No. We offer a 30-day guarantee on all our services. If any of your taps disappear in that period, we’ll replace them for free.

Can you buy Instagram comment likes for pictures on a private account?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to order paid engagement with a private account. You can set it to pubic, order, wait until your order is fulfilled, and then change it back to private though.

What is your guarantee and will I be able to get a refund online?

We do have a guarantee that all our services will be delivered as explained on our website. If it isn’t, we will fix it or refund you. If you feel your order is not complete in some way, please first check the estimated delivery time on your emailed confirmation. Sometimes the order just isn’t finished yet, especially with larger quantities. If it is well past the delivery window, please contact us at support@buytoplikes.com and we’ll be happy to help.

In which countries does this service work for more IG post comment likes?

Our services are available anywhere Instagram is, including the US, the UK, Australia, India, Nigeria, Canada, and many more.

What if I still have more questions before I buy the paid reply like option?

If you have any additional questions, please write to support@buytoplikes.com and we’ll be happy to answer them for you.

How to find Instagram comment link?

1. Go to Instagram with any browser and login to your account; 2. Go to the comment where you want the likes delivered and click on the date or time. 3. During placing the order on BuyTopLikes just provide us this link.

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Page Collins

Paid IG comment hearts? Why not? After all, the world has to see my great ideas! And targeted likes sound like a dream to me. You can choose them for any picutre or video you like. SocialsGrow has the safest payment methods and gradual delivery that really works for your promotion. Everyhting is legit! That's why I love this service.

Sam Whilson

Maybe for some, it seems weird to buy likes on comments, but for me, it's a perfect way to become popular. I like this service because they have many different packages for sale. Choose any you like, pay for it (but without paypal), and you will get instant delivery and engagement from real users. I know what I'm talking about because I tried other services but they are not as high quality as this one.

Ava Sloan

Buying real comment likes is an amazing service every blogger should know about. I love the simplicity of this process: you can buy with a credit card, choose the posts you want people to start liking your comments, and choose the cheapest option! Definitely the best way to get genuine likes.

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