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  • High Quality
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  • From Real Users
  • Delivery 1-12 Hours



  • High Quality
  • Instant Start
  • From Real Users
  • Delivery 1-12 Hours



  • High Quality
  • Instant Start
  • From Real Users
  • Delivery 1-12 Hours



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Why would you want to Pay Just $1 for Сomments on Instagram?

Getting comments on IG can be really hard these days, so many people choose to buy Instagram comments for $1. Why is this necessary? The site is crowded, its algorithms favor content that’s already popular, and when people do see posts, they have a tendency to look and keep scrolling. When they do interact, they’re more likely to heart a post than leave a comment, because…they want to keep scrolling. Hey, we all do it!

But comments are important, because viewers look harder at pictures with more replies. Plus the more engagement you have, the more feeds your content will be placed in, and the more organic interaction you’ll get. Yet this can be hard for a new or small account, because the algorithms favor what’s already the most popular. Fortunately, purchasing Instagram comments for $1 is an inexpensive simple solution. This gives your content a boost that helps it get in more feeds, so you can gain organic replies as well. All comments are from real accounts and look the same as any other replies.

Can you really buy Instagram replies for only $1?

You can buy replies in different amounts for different prices, but currently you can get about 5 answers for $1. The ability to buy Instagram comments at $1 is great for people with a small weekly budget who still want to do something to improve their account stats. It’s also helpful for those who want to see how purchasing engagement works for them. Many people do it for business, or to grow a personal profile.

How to get Cheap IG Random Comments – Follow these steps

Gaining cheap Instagram comments for $1 is a safe, fast process that usually takes only a few minutes. Just follow these instructions:

  • First make sure your Insta profile is set to public so users can find you.
  • Then start at BuyTopLikes.com, and choose the option for comments.
  • Select how many you want.
  • Next you’ll enter the link for the post you want to apply answers to.
  • Following that, you’ll be asked to enter your email address so we can send you an order confirmation. We do not collect any other info.
  • Then you’ll enter your payment info, either a credit card or Google or Apple Pay. No PayPal needed!
  • Next we’ll email you a confirmation, then you should start getting delivery of your order instantly.

How do Random Replies on IG work and what happens when you buy them?

Random Replies have been carefully researched, designed, and selected because our research shows they promote and stimulate organic engagement. They’re all made by real, active users—we never use bot or fake accounts. Answers are generic statements that will work with nearly every post—things like “very cool,” “great,” “beautiful photo,” etc. Also about 10-15% of comments will be an emoji or emojis. Comments start to appear within a few minutes of making payment and receiving confirmation. Because the order size is small for $1, your order should complete in an hour or less in most cases.

Where can you get Instagram Сomments for only $1 and what are the Advantages of choosing BuyTopLikes.com?

BuyTopLikes.com is the best place to buy IG comments for $1 for several reasons:

  • Unlike with some other sites, all our minimal cost replies come from real accounts, so you never have to worry about problems with IG.
  • We have low-cost options starting at around $1, so there’s a package for every price range. Similarly, you may order cheap views, one dollar followers and likes for your Instagram page.
  • The delivery process is quick and easy.
  • Your transaction is secure and private on our encrypted site.
  • We offer a money-back guarantee if your order is not delivered as described. If you have any issues, just contact us at support@buytoplikes.com and we’ll take care of it.

How can buying IG Random replies help your account?

Use bullet or numbered points.

This low-priced investment can benefit your profile in many ways:

  • $1 Instagram comments make your content look more popular.
  • This encourages others to reply as well. No one wants to be the first to comment, but everyone wants to get in a hot conversation.
  • It also signals the Insta algorithms that your post is getting some love, so they’ll put it in more feeds and more IG users can see and interact with it.
  • This is great for businesses or individuals who want to be IG influencers. People who want to work with influencers always check out their stats to see if they have good engagement.
  • It’s also great to buy the cheapest Instagram comments if you’re trying to grow your personal brand account as an artist, entertainer, writer, blogger, etc. You want eveyone you work with to see you as popular.

Can I control what is said in the comments for $1?

No. For 1 dollar, we provide generic comments that have been selected to get people’s attention and boost organic engagment. These are positive in nature and will work with just about every post. This is a great deal for the price.

Why do I need to set my account to public mode to receive $1 replies?

Your account should be in public mode until after your one dollar order is completed so our users can find and view the pictures you want answers on. If it’s set to private like a celebrity, we simply won’t be able to complete your order. However, you can set it to private again once the order is filled.

What will the accounts that will reply to my posts look like for this price?

As varied as the audience for Instagram. Users can be of any gender, males, females, girls, guys, nonbinary people, etc. They are from all over the world, including the US, the UK, India, Pakistan, Canada, Australia, Europe, and many other places. Some are American. Users may speak English, Spanish, Russian, or another language.

Will the replies on Instagram for no more than 1 dollar be authentic?

Yes, for only $1 you only get replies from real, legit users. We never use bot or fake profiles, and answers are chosen to look natural and organic so no one will be able to tell.

If I buy this cheap package, do I have a risk to be banned?

No, even though you get the package for a dollar, it’s still high quality. All replies are from real users. IG doesn’t ban people for paid engagement, but they do ban bot or fake accounts. They also ban profiles that have too many comments from these bots. Because BuyTopLikes.com only has real, specialized commentors, your Insta account is safe.

Is it true that buying IG replies is safe?

Definitely. Our website is very secure, and we don’t store any customer data, so there is nothing to hack. All replies are real and natural-looking and will not attract undue attention from anyone in the audience, or IG.

What country should I live in to purchase IG replies for $1?

BuyTopLikes.com is available and offers good, affordable engagement in any country you’re in.

Can the comments for $1 drop after some time?

Once you pay for your instant order, your replies will start to show up and continue as a slow spread. They are guaranteed not to drop for 30 days. If you notice any new interactions going missing, please contact us at support@buytoplikes.com and we’ll be happy to help.

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We only deliver quality products for our customers, regardless of what package you ordered from us. You won’t find better paid engagement for Instagram anywhere online. Let us show you why we’re light years ahead of our competitors.


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