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I am a big fan of this service. I was not aware that you could purchase such packages online, so when I first found this website I decided to buy 10 Instagram likes only. Next, I had the pleasant surprise to receive them quite rapidly and from real accounts. That high standard of quality made me come back for more.


It is the second time that I make a purchase with this website. The first time, I decided to buy 10 real IG likes for my own account. When I noticed how well they work, I returned to get more for my dog’s profile, which I promote heavily, and which unsurprisingly, gets more attention than my account.


I got these likes for my cat’s account. I started to put its funny pictures on Instagram, and several people have started following its profile already. A friend told me that if I bought more likes, more people would find out about it, so I started with this small pack. So far, so good! I might come back for more.

Buying 10 Instagram likes: A good way to boost engagement, but how does that work?

The decision to buy 10 Instagram likes will help boost the post’s popularity so more people can see and like it. At BuyTopLikes, all our users and accounts are real, and you can buy almost any amount of engagement you want (as long as it’s not less than our smallest package). Hearts can even be divided over different photos in whatever ratio you choose.

What kinds of people purchase 10 likes on IG?

All sorts of people who are seeking more engagement may buy 10 real Instagram likes, for a number of reasons:

  • Influencers with engaged online audiences are far more valuable to brands.
  • The site’s algorithms favor posts that already have a lot of engagement, making it hard for someone who is still trying to build a following get seen in the first place.
  • Many people use Insta for business and have to build a brand out of nothing—bloggers, authors, entertainers, coaches, business owners.
  • Increasing engagement encourages organic engagement by allowing more people to see your posts.

How hard is it to get 10 IG hearts?

In less than five minutes, anyone can buy 10 likes on Instagram, or any other amount to choose. The process is easy. Just select the “likes” icon, then pick the package you want. 10 is a good size to start with, because it’s less than $1 and you can divide the likes over as many pics as you want. After you pick your package, you’ll copy and paste the link for the Insta account you want to use, then enter your credit card info for payment. (We currently accept VISA and Mastercard.) You’ll receive an email confirmation after payment goes through, and your order should start to appear within 10 minutes to 24 hours, depending on the size of the package. Small orders start sooner.

Where is the best site to secure IG engagement and why?

BuyTopLikes.com is the best place to get 10 likes on Instagram. Unlike other sites, we offer great customer service and use only real accounts. We have a 30-day guarantee that your likes won’t disappear, and any that do will be replaced within that time frame.

Does paid engagement cost a fortune?

Our site makes it both cheap and fast to buy 10 likes for Instagram. You can get 10 real hearts for $0.89, delivered quickly, and with great customer service.

How do you avoid issues with IG banning accounts?

IG is only interested in getting bots and fake users off their site, and if it looks like accounts have tons of those liking its stuff, Insta might punish them for it. However, since BuyTopLikes only uses real likers, your account is safe.

What is some good advice on how to buy 10 IG likes?

Sometimes people look at the most successful accounts and think they should also have a hundred thousand or more likes per picture. But it’s important to be realistic, and most people would benefit more from a gradual approach. Your number of hearts should make sense compared to your number of followers—if you only have 150 fans, it may look strange for you to have 5,000 hearts on a picture. We suggest you start with a package that matches your current audience, and move up slowly. As you buy hearts, more people will see your posts and organic reach will improve as well.


Is it true that purchasing 10 Instagram likes is illegal?

No, there are no laws against it. IG doesn't even forbid the purchase of likes, so long as you don't pay for engagement from fake or bot accounts.

Is it possible to get 10 hearts on all of my Instagram posts?

Yes, you may divide your delivery of active likers for all pictures if you want. If your account is new and doesn't have a large amount of posts, it may be very easy to get high quality, paid engagement on all of them. However, if you already have hundreds of photos, this may be more time consuming for you to go through and apply them. You will also get fewer hearts per photo, so you may want to choose a bigger package in this case.

Can people tell if I buy 10 instant likes?

No. Even IG can't tell as long as your engagement comes from real accounts. Plus buying engagement for your Instagram photos helps improve organic engagement.

Where are my likes from?

Our subscribers are all over the world, from places like the USA, UK, India, Nigeria, Australia, and many other countries. This is similar to the overall audience for the website.
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