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Hey everyone who wants to pay for real help to your blog! I think this site is the best place to buy stats! I have bought 50 likes for low cost, because my blog on Instagram is quite small. Pretty pleased, that the delivery was instant, like 15 minutes i guess. Nice work, guys!


I am so impressed with the 50 real likes I got on IG. The subscriptions are from the USA and include high quality photos. When buying cheap Instagram hearts you can't find a better deal on the web! I would highly recommend this service to anyone looking to grow their profile.


I launched my Insta profile and had trouble building an audience here in the UK. When you get top Instagram likes you get more value for your purchase and the results are fast! My post now receive more feedback which makes me stand out as a legitimate source when it comes to advertising. :)

Why Should I Buy 50 Instagram Likes?

You want to grow your Instagram account, and you have done everything by the book. You make engaging content that your audience seems to enjoy. You use the right hashtags and keywords. You upload at the right times. And yet, your account does not seem to grow.

The reason for this could be how competitive Instagram is, and how the Instagram algorithm works. When no one can see your posts due to how small your account is, they won’t like them. No likes means you have a lower ranking in the algorithm. This fact can be a vicious cycle that’s hard to break.

Luckily, getting a post that performs well can be away you get a higher ranking in the algorithm. When you buy IG likes for a post, it can give you an incredible boost to help your account thrive and put you on the map.

How Do Our Services Work? How Do I Buy IG Likes?

Our services use real accounts from around the world. When you purchase a 50-likes package, we send 50 accounts to like the photo of your choice. These accounts are high-quality, but there is always a risk that they will disappear after a while. To prevent this, we have a refill and refund guarantee. More on that later.

To buy 50 Instagram likes, all you need is a link to the post you wish to be boosted. You’ll also need an email and a payment method. We accept most major credit and debit cards, Google and Apple Pay, and have other payment methods available.

Once your payment is confirmed, we’ll send our social media accounts your way. You’ll soon start seeing more likes. That said, we will not send all our likes on Instagram at once because we don’t want your account being flagged!

What is the Best Service to Buy 50 Likes on Instagram and Why?

Call us biased, but the best service is us at BuyTopLikes! We have several reasons to back this up.

Instant Delivery

We understand that most of your Instagram photos may be time sensitive. For example, if you’re promoting a deal, you may want people to know ASAP. That’s why we use instant delivery. As soon as your order has been confirmed, we will send you more likes instantly. We also send them gradually, however. This is to ensure that your account doesn’t get in trouble.

Refill and Refund Guarantee

If you notice a drop in likes, we will send you more. Also, if you don’t receive your order, or it’s different than described, contact us. You will be eligible for a full refund. Please review our policies carefully to ensure that you qualify.

Real Users

We use authentic accounts to help you boost your social media presence. We will never use fake accounts that can damage your reputation or end up making your Instagram post be deleted.

Affordable Prices

We strive to give you an exceptional service for less. We understand that growing an account can be costly, and some people are on a limited budget.

Safe to Order

All you need to use our services is an email, your Instagram username/link to post, and a payment method. We will never ask for your password or anything else.

Automatic Instagram Likes

We also have automatic likes packages. These packages will send you likes on every post that you make. This way, you don’t need to keep buying the same page.

Excellent Customer Support

If you have any questions, our customer service team can help you. Simply send them a message, and they’ll get back to you ASAP.

Benefits When You Buy Real Instagram Likes

Buying likes comes with several benefits, such as:

Algorithm Boost

Even as few as 50 Insta likes can give you a boost in the algorithm. When you need your post to be noticed by more people, simply use our high-quality service to boost your Instagram presence.

Social Proof

Besides the algorithm boost, you’ll have more sway over the people. When someone needs to choose between a specific product or service, they sometimes rely on numbers. If a competitor has 20 likes on their posts, and you have 20, people may be more likely to choose your professional service over theirs.


You get all these benefits without breaking the bank. It can cost a lot to boost your quality content, which is why our services are here to help you. We sell packages that won’t cost much at all, ensuring that you can spend your money growing your account in different ways.

Is it an Effective Strategy to Buy 50 Instagram Likes?

Yes, it is an effective social media marketing strategy. You would be surprised with how many people use these services to give themselves an algorithmic boost. If you want to grow on Instagram, engagement is the biggest tool to use. And the biggest form of engagement is the like. When someone likes a photo, it tells that platform that they want more of your content.

Not only that, but our favorites look like organic likes, with profile pictures and filled out bios. When the algorithm recognizes these as real likes, you can get more fans on the platform.

How Can Our Social Media Marketing Services Promote Organic Growth?

When your content is getting likes, the algorithm pushes your content to more people. The people the algorithm pushes your content to tend to be those who may enjoy what you offer. Should they like the content shown to them, they will go to your Instagram profile and give you a follow.

With that said, this means you need to put a good effort into your content strategy. Our services are not magic. Make some great posts that will resonate with your audience!

Buy 50 Instagram Likes and See the Difference!

Fifty likes on your Instagram posts do not seem like much, but that’s all it takes for you to get a boost to your profile. So order a package from us, and see what a difference it makes!


How Fast Will I Receive Likes on Instagram?

The time it takes for you to receive your likes will depend on which package you purchase. We start delivery the moment your payment is processed and distribute them gradually. For a 50 Instagram likes package, you should receive it within 24-48 hours.

What if I Buy Instagram Likes, and They Disappear?

We use low-drop Instagram users, which means you are unlikely to see a drop in hearts. However, in the event that you do, we have a refill guarantee. This 30-day guarantee will give you more Instagram likes in the event that you notice a drop.

Will My Instagram Followers Know I Bought Likes?

Your purchase is entirely confidential. First, the high-quality likes you will receive look like they're from real accounts. Second, we never reveal our clients to anyone. You can rest assured that no one will know you used our services.

Is There Anything Else Worth Mentioning Before I Buy Instagram Likes?

Please make sure that your account is public before you purchase. If your account is private, your Instagram likes cannot arrive. You may also not be eligible for a refund.

What if There's an Issue With My Order?

If there's an issue with your order, please contact our customer support team. Our team is great at answering ASAP and providing a quick solution. They also refill and refund guarantees.
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