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This is a great service for those, who value their time. Buytoplikes.com team will make sure that you can spend more time on your favorite business. Honestly, I did not expect that everything could be so simple, quickly and easily. I am quite active in my account and for me it was very important that each of my new posts get likes as soon as possible. The guys coped with everything with a bang. It’s a pleasure to work with you. Recommend!


I got on Buytoplikes.com by chance when I was looking for ways to promote my business on Instagram quickly and efficiently. I sell household appliances and very often have to travel on business trips. As such, there is no time to engage in the promotion of publications. At first I wanted to order just likes, I wrote to the support service for consultation. I was listened carefully and advised to order auto likes, having told in detail how everything works. I tried. I am satisfied with the result, I will continue to cooperate with you and recommend you to my friends and acquaintances :)


Good service at an affordable price. I’m a very active person and I don’t have much time to constantly order the service for each post. So I turned to Buytoplikes.com for help. Customer support helped me find the right package of services. I decided to make an order for 3 months to start. It’s very convenient and cheaper than ordering for a month. Let's see how it goes, as long as I'm happy with everything - both the quality and quantity.


It's great that there is such a service. Personally, I always did not have enough time to pay more attention to my hobby, because I had to promote an account through which I sold my paintings. Buytoplikes.com was my salvation in the literal sense of the word! Very pleased with the work of the team, everything is professional and affordable. All auto likes that come, are sent from real accounts (for some, I even subscribed, very cool). Do not be afraid to try something new, especially if you hit this site!


For a long time I tried to promote my business through Instagram. 5 months were almost wasted. It would have continued further if it were not for my sister who advised me your website. She has long been using your services, however, she orders mostly followers. I had some other goals, so I’ve stopped at auto likes. The result is gradually visible; I have where to go and where to grow. So do not waste time in vain, as it happened to me. Here you will be advised, helped and will do their best!


Where were you guys before? :) I am very glad that I found you. Better late than never. I am a novice photographer. I decided to make money, using Instagram, but did not take into account the fact that there are a lot of people like me there. Therefore, it was a very thorny path, but in the end, I found something that suits me. Thanks to auto likes, I had more time to do what I loved and I already had my own audience. Nice to work with professionals! I recommend to everyone.


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The best thing about the auto likes service is that I got the opportunity to customize what I am getting. For example, I can easily control the speed of likes that I get. I could also get a lot of additional likes that I expected. On top of everything, the promised service was offered to me in a timely manner.

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We know that security matters to you online, as well it should. There are hackers out there intent on stealing your identity or engaging in other unscrupulous activities. That’s why we always have the best and latest security measures here on our website.

Fast Order

If you want to order from us, you probably want to do it fast. Building your brand or running a business demands attention, and you won’t want to be tied up buying one of our packages for long. Every order from us takes only moments.

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The delivery of products always takes place very quickly. We have specialists waiting to receive each order, and as soon as they get it, they get to work without delay. You’ll see your engagement numbers rise in no time.

24/7 Customer Service

We have an advanced support system in place that you can engage with 24/7. If something goes wrong or you have a question that we didn’t cover here on the site, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re always happy to talk to you.

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We stand proudly behind every one of our offerings, including autolikes. If you don’t get the results you want, we’ll work with you until you’re satisfied. That’s our pledge to every one of our customers.

Best Quality

Quality matters when you’re purchasing Instagram engagement and we’re confident that we have the best offerings online. Whichever one of our products you feel is right for you, be sure that you’re getting superior quality when you go through us.

About us

We are a team of experienced marketers that know how hard it can be to grow and establish a powerful online presence. Through our ideas and expertise you can get amazing results all the time and you can also grow your subscription methods unlike never before.

We believe in quality and professionalism, and you can rest assured that we will be there to help you no matter what happens!

Buy Automatic Instagram Likes

Instagram auto likes is a practical feature that automatically sends likes to your publications and you do not need to waste time ordering services for separate posts. With this service, you get the opportunity to select your publications from a huge amount of content from other users in an instant, as well as attract a large audience and achieve your desired goals in the shortest possible time.

How Does Instagram Automatic Likes Work?

Instagram automatic likes are awarded by the system as soon as a new publication appears on your account. Every 20-30 minutes your profile goes through monitoring and when a new post is found, we send automatic IG likes in accordance with the service package you previously selected.

  • Likes come only on new posts and won’t be distributed to the old posts. After purchasing a subscription, the system finds the last photo in the account and sends likes to all new photos that you will add after it.
  • Auto likes work only for open accounts. If you make the account settings private, the system will stop sending the service.
  • Moreover, if you upload a video – you will get both likes and views on your video (for example, buying a package of 100 likes for a post, you get an additional 100 views).

Why Should You Buy IG Auto Likes?

Most often, users decide to buy automatic likes on Instagram because this service:

  • allows you to promote both personal and business account very quickly and efficiently;
  • frees you from the periodic purchase of the package;
  • provides only real Instagram likes;
  • independently ensures that each of your new publications receives the ordered number of likes;
  • provides the free time that you can devote to improving the quality of the content;
  • actively promotes your content, highlighting it against the background of a large number of publications by other users;
  • motivates users to be highly active in your posts, etc.

Buying real automatic Instagram likes, you get a chance to achieve popularity very quickly since all your new posts will automatically get likes, thereby attracting more attention to your content. Users prefer to subscribe to accounts that are interesting to a large number of people. Thus, automatic likes will contribute to a significant increase in both attention to your account and traffic on your profile. If you want your business to advance successfully in this social network, the auto likes service is a great solution.

The Importance of Instagram monthly likes

The importance of buying automatic IG likes is that you provide yourself with the ability to promote your content very fast and effectively. As you know, posts reach the peak of their popularity in the first hours after publication. Therefore, it is very important that during this period your photos gain the maximum number of likes. The more likes your posts contain, the higher is your importance in the eyes of other users.

Moreover, having come to the idea to buy auto likes for Instagram, you get more time to do what you like, to come up with new ideas and implement them. You no longer should worry about the periodic need to order likes, as the system will automatically send you this service. You can always buy Instagram auto likes and count on:

  • the rapid attraction of a large audience;
  • getting new customers and potential partners;
  • increase in user activity on your account;
  • the rush of traffic to your profile.

Is Buying Instagram auto likes Safe?

Purchase monthly Instagram likes are absolutely safe, as we send you service only from accounts that look real. We do not use any bot accounts, only user accounts that are registered on our network. Moreover, we never request passwords or any other personal information that could compromise you. All data is stored only on our server and is under reliable high-level protection. No one will ever know that you have bought automatic Instagram likes.

Make your choice and get great results!