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I wanted to boost my IG photo with some stats. I decided to get their assistance for it and I was impressed with what’s offered. They were able to deliver 1000 likes to my Instagram post within a short period of time. If you want Instagram likes, this is the place to go ahead with.


This went on very smooth, even better than I expected to be honest! It is a cool and easy service to use, and quite cheap for the number of thousand of high-quality likes you get in return. There are other websites with similar offers out there, but none of them even come close to this one right here.


We recently created our company account on Instagram, and it was difficult building our presence on the platform because the likes trickled. But we understood that perception is reality and needed to do something fast. A friend of mine suggested we buy 1000 hearts. This is my first time of paying for likes from these guys and I must admit, I’m impressed by the sheer speed, cheapest price and authenticity. Great job!


BuyTopLikes has been our little secret for some time now and they have our complete trust when it comes to delivering likes from real users. This is the fourth time I and my business partner are ordering services from them and we don’t think we are about to stop any time soon. The competition has no idea what’s about to hit them. Thumbs up guys for being reliable!

Faye Hilpert

I am so happy about my latest purchase! For cheap price I got 1k real likes from people on IG my account! This made my rates make an instant jump from rookie to celeb! Not like Kim tho, but I had my dose of attention on insta that is worth to pay for! I have a plan to buy more, and I will do that here!

Some good strategies for buying 1000 likes on IG

There are lots of ideas about how to increase engagement on Insta. Unfortunately, they all work better when people actually see and like your content, and the best way to make that happen is to buy 1000 Instagram likes. The website favors high quality posts that already have a high level of interaction, which makes it difficult to get your content seen. Purchasing some stats from real, active likers will improve your standing in IG’s algorithms, so you can achieve the organic growth you want.

Who should consider to purchase 1000 IG likes?

If getting 1000 real Instagram likes on your own is an uphill battle—as it is for most people who don’t have as big a following as their favorite celebrity—then you should consider buying some. BuyTopLikes.com has versatile options. Your hearts can be spread over all or for multiple Instagram photos.

Once your post starts getting more instant engagement, it will become more visible. This is helpful to anyone using the site to grow an online audience fast—artists, entertainers, writers and bloggers, fitness personalities, food and travel experts, influencers, and businesspeople.

What is the process of how to order cheap engagement?

It won’t take you long to buy 1000 likes on Instagram. First head to BuyTopLikes.com and click on the page for engagement. Next, you’ll be asked to copy and paste your Insta profile link, then you’ll be able to choose from your posts. After that, you just have to enter info to pay for your order—we currently accept VISA and Mastercard, American Express or Discover. Also, we offer Google and Apple Pay options. After checking out, you’ll get an email confirmation and delivery should begin soon.

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Why should you choose our site to buy 1000 likes on Instagram?

  • BuyTopLikes.com has only real users, which is why it’s the best place to achieve your interaction goals.
  • This is important because IG has no problem with paid engagement, but is fighting a constant battle against bot farms and fake accounts.
  • These suck up space on the site, and IG wants them gone. So they frequently delete accounts—and associated engagement—after determining that they’re fake.
  • Sometimes they also ban accounts that have repeatedly bought stats from fakes as these are part of the problem. However, this is not a concern with BuyTopLikes.com since we never use fake/bot accounts.

How much money is needed to get 1k taps on IG?

Buying 1000 likes for Instagram is a very economical decision. Right now 1000 IG likes are only $14.29—that’s just slightly more than a penny a tap. For that price, you get only authentic users, and your posts get the attention they deserve.

What safety or security issues should you ask about before purchasing thousand hearts?

These are mostly limited to concerns about Insta banning accounts for buying bot engagement, which is not a problem at BuyTopLikes because we have real users. Some people also worry about the security of their payment info. Our site is encrypted and your data secure. Others worry that their audience will notice a sudden increase in engagement and figure out they bought likes.

The truth is that no one can tell for sure if you paid for interaction. If you understand how to buy a reasonable number of stats for your audience size, it should look fairly natural. Hearts also come slow in over the course of about a day, rather than all at once, which looks more organic.

What are some ideas about how to make the most of purchasing 1000 Instagram likes?

Although you can divide your taps over all your posts if you choose, you might benefit if you choose from recent pictures where you’ve selected 30 relevant hashtags. This will help increase visibility even further after the boost in engagement improves your standing in the site’s algorithm.


How fast will I be able to buy 1k hearts?

You will be given a time estimate when you check out, but most orders start gradual delivery within a few hours to one day. Larger orders may take up to ten days to complete, so if you need a lot of engagement by a certain date, we recommended buying your hearts in advance.

Can I Get Likes From My Own Country?

In most cases, yes. Our users are from countries all over the world—the USA, the UK, India, Nigeria, Australia, and many European countries. Our user base expands all the time, but it's highly likely that some of your hearts will come from your home country. Most Instagrammers today have a global audience, so getting interaction from around the world is a good thing.

Is there any guarantee on my purchase?

Yes, we guarantee your order will be delivered as we described it, so if you pay for 1000 IG likes, you should get 1k likes. We also have a 30-day guarantee on engagement, so if any hearts disappear in that time, they'll be replaced. If your delivery hasn't shown up, please check the time estimate and make sure it has passed. If so, please contact support@buytoplikes.com and our hardworking customer service agents will be happy to help.
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