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I came here to buy 300 real Instagram likes, and I am delighted with my purchase. I received the likes quickly after my payment went through, and to my surprise, they are all high-quality ones. I fully advice this website and I will return to get more for my Instagram account. Thanks!


Thank you so much for sending me the likes so fast! I was looking for places to buy 300 Instagram likes, but most of the websites that I came across had really bad reviews. I did not want to spend my money on fake likes or poor-quality ones, so I am really happy that I found you guys.


This is an amazing service! I got the likes immediately after making the payment. My brother recommended this service to me, but I did not believe at first that it would be this great. Now, this is the only way that I will increase my likes on Instagram. I will return very soon to make another order. Thanks!

How does purchasing 300 IG likes work and what starts to happen when you buy them?

It doesn’t take long to get 300 new hearts. On our site, you can have this many real likes cheap, with instant delivery. These hearts always come from real and genuine users’ accounts, no fake or bot armies allowed. Once you purchase 300 real Instagram likes, Insta’s algorithms detect that your material is growing in popularity. They then reward it with more attention by putting this content into more feeds.

Why do you need to pay for 300 Instagram hearts and who tends to buy it?

When you purchase 300 Insta likes, you gain organic engagement as well because now a larger number of people will be able to view your Instagram photos. Unfortunately, IG is set up to put the most popular content in more feeds, so it might be difficult to get anyone to see your shots—even your followers may not see them unless they specifically go to your profile. What a pain!

But there’s a solution. Buying hearts allows you to go around the problem. Many people benefit from purchasing more likes for Instagram. Here are some examples:

  • People trying to develop a brand or promote a business. It can be challenging to gain engagement for a business account on IG without spending a fortune on promoted posts. If you’re tired of paying Instagram to show your post to a few people, you should know that getting significant engagement on one or more posts can have the same effect for a lot less money.
  • Artists, performers, entertainers, musicians, and anyone else trying to promote themselves in show business also need an engaged audience. You want fans and people you work with alike to see that your audience is engaged with your posts.
  • Writers and bloggers also need stats. Your blog or book will be much more impressive if fans are going wild for your Insta page.

How to buy 300 likes on Instagram – is it easy?

Yes, it’s a super simple process to order this package:

  • All you need to do is pick the 300 IG hearts package.
  • Next, you’ll copy and paste the Instagram username you want to promote (you can buy likes for anyone since no password is required). At that point, you should choose which images that you wish to send the likes to—they can be divided for multiple photos.
  • After you enter payment info (credit card or Google/Apple Pay) and email, be ready to receive confirmation.;
  • Then you get a fast start to a gradual delivery that will probably take some time such as a couple of hours to complete (this makes your engagement look more natural than if all 300 showed up at the same time).

Where should you purchase 300 IG hearts and why choose BuyTopLikes.com?

Our service is the best site to get 300 likes on Instagram because of our commitment to providing a high quality service. We absolutely avoid using fake accounts—all hearts we send come from genuine, active likers. No one will be able to tell they’re paid, not even IG. You will not have to be afraid about your profile becoming banned or deleted because Insta only goes after bot accounts and the profiles they interact with. Since we offer only quality engagement you can be assured that this won’t happen to you.

How much is the cost of this Insta package?

Although prices may change with market conditions, we always provide the best value for your money. Right now 300 likes are only $5.29. For that price, you receive hearts only from legit accounts. Our delivery is trustworthy and fast.

Is it safe to buy 300 Instagram likes?

Yes, it’s safe to pay for hearts with our website because we only use real accounts. Some other sites may use bot or fake accounts, and that can spell trouble for you. If IG notices you have tons of likes from bot users, they may decide to ban or terminate your account. Don’t take the chance—BuyTopLikes.com will help you have the stats and engagement without the risk.

Some facts and useful tips for buying three hundred IG hearts?

300 is a great number because many popular posts have at least a few hundred likes, and once you’ve achieved this many, people will be more inclined to like your posts. It’s true—Instagrammers are really vulnerable to the bandwagon approach. They see a picture getting lots of love, and they want to add their own heart. Plus more people will see your pics once they start getting some attention, so you’ll gain organic engagement as well.


How soon can I get 300 Instagram likes?

Your delivery should start within a couple of minutes of receiving email confirmation. You continue getting more hearts as more active users come online. The delivery of 300 usually completes in less than a day, but you’ll have a more specific time estimate with your order confirmation.

Can I purchase taps for a client’s IG?

Yes, this is a great idea. Many professionals need to promote a business they work for, and this is a fast, inexpensive way to do it. Because no password is required, you can buy IG likes for anyone from any location on the planet - USA, Nigeria, India, Australia, UK, Canada, etc.

How to pay for 300 hearts on every one of my posts?

If you have at least 30 posts, then choose the option to divide them across all posts. You can also apply them just to certain posts, your ten most recent, etc.
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