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Hayden Weber

For me, this is the best place to buy 150 real likes for my pictures. The price is cheap and delivery is fast - that's all I need to proceed with my work as a landscape photographer!

Harold Little

When looking how to buy some stats for you, choose this service! For me, it was enough to purchase 150 hearts to get real result! I cannot decide for anyone here, but this delivery is worth to pay for! I am totally including this site to my list of helping ones)

How does it work when you buy 150 Instagram likes?

When you purchase 150 hearts from BuyTopLikes, you get only real fans—no taps from bot farms that disappear the second Insta deletes more fake accounts. This increase in engagement allows you to gain more organic IG likes at the same time.

Who purchases 150 likes for Instagram and should you do it?

150 IG hearts are great for showing people how much attention your account is getting. Here are some examples:

  • Perhaps you’re an influencer who wants to show potential brand advertisers how engaged your audience is.
  • Or maybe you’re a travel or food blogger who wants a boost for your social account to attract more active likers.
  • You might be an entertainer, like a singer, actor, dancer, comedian, etc., who needs the increase to expand your audience.
  • Or you might be a businessperson looking to grow your business page.

In all of these situations, you can buy 150 likes for Instagram account to improve your social reach.

What are the instructions on how to order 150 IG likes?

If you’re ready to pay for engagement, the process is super easy and fast. Let’s get started:

  • Just head to BuyTopLikes.com and click on “Likes.”
  • Select 150 for the amount.
  • The next page will ask for your Insta profile link (there’s no password or login info required). Once you enter it, you’ll be asked to choose which photos you’d like to receive more engagement. You can buy hearts for multiple photos.
  • After selecting your pictures, enter your credit card number for payment. VISA or Mastercard, American Express and Discover will work, as well as Google/Apple Pay options.
  • You’ll receive an email confirming your order once payment goes through.

Is BuyTopLikes really the best site to pay for more hearts on IG?

Unlike some sites, on BuyTopLikes you can get engagement from only real accounts, so no one will wonder how you decided to get 150 likes on Instagram and why all the people who heart your photos look like bots. Our customer service department is always ready to help with any issues you have, and our packages are very cost-effective.

On the subject of cost, how much is the price for 150 real Instagram likes?

At this time, the 150 package is $3.69. Prices can vary with market conditions, however, so you should act fast if you want hearts from real accounts at this low price.

How safe it is to buy 150 likes on Instagram?

BuyTopLikes has a worldwide network of real users, from the UK to the USA to Nigeria to Canada to Australia, and many other countries in between. IG only picks on bot or fake accounts—they don’t prohibit purchasing hearts so long as they’re from real users. If you buy from another site, you may end up with fakes that could put your account in jeopardy, so avoid this problem by using BuyTopLikes for all your IG interaction needs.

Suggestions on how to use 150 hearts?

Run some high quality promotions around the time you receive your 150 paid Instagram likes, so you can say that’s why you had an increase in engagement. You can do a contest, ask viewers to share their own images to go with the latest subject, or even run a promoted post or two. These efforts will work twice as hard for your success as usual, because the increase in popularity will get more people looking at your content in the first place. Organic engagement will increase, and fans will stay engaged with future content as well.


How quickly can I get 150 cheap IG likes?

You'll see an estimated delivery window when buying your order, but this size package usually begins within an hour of payment and completes within 24 hours. Please wait until the end of the delivery period to let us know if you think you're missing some hearts, because of gradual coming within that window. This makes your engagement appear more natural.

What if I want to buy instant likes on a client's Instagram photos?

Since there is no password necessary, you can easily purchase online engagement for any account you want. Just remember to add the correct profile when checking out on our website.

Is there a guarantee my hearts won’t disappear the next day?

Yes, we have 30-day protection on all our services. If your likes disappear from your posts in that time, just tell us at support@buytoplikes.com, and we'll replace them for free.
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