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Wow! I cannot believe how easy this works! I used to wait for weeks and months in a row to get these many likes on a post, but with this pack I got them almost instantly. I used to think that growing likes on Instagram was a waste of time, but with your help it is very easy and affordable.


I have tried a couple of services that offer Instagram likes in the past. However, none of them could deliver likes from real profiles. But they were able to do it. I didn’t just get likes for the posts that I sent them with, but I also got likes for few other posts that I have shared with my Instagram profile. Thanks


I decided to promote my Insta profile and ordered 500 likes, and my page began to grow quite quickly. Services came on time and for a very reasonable price. Thank you, I will always use your site!


I had a couple of low active publications that spoiled my statistics, so I decided to order 500 IG likes from you and I was very pleased with the result I’ve got. +1 positive comment for you.

The best solution if you’re struggling to get fast & cheap 500 likes on IG

Unfortunately, trying to get there organically is a real uphill battle with Insta, due to their preference for content that’s already popular and heavily liked. Unless you have a huge following already, the best way to break into the cycle is to buy 500 Instagram likes. You’ll get real, active likers, and the boost will allow more people to see your high quality posts. This stimulates organic growth, helping you get even more hearts.

Do a lot of people purchase 500 IG likes? Who should do that?

500 real Instagram likes is an excellent amount to try. Spread over 10 Instagram photos or videos, you get about 50 taps each. This is enough to get those pics some visibility, so you can gain organic hearts. Authors, bloggers, entertainers, coaches, and people promoting businesses or their own personal brand all love this kind of increase. It’s also great for influencers, since brands who work with them want someone with both a large and engaged online audience.

What do you need to know about how to buy engagement?

It’s a very fast process to buy 500 likes on Instagram.

  • Just go to the “likes” page and choose the 500 package.
  • Then you will be prompted to enter your Insta profile link, at which point you can choose photos.
  • If you want, you can apply hearts for multiple or all photos.
  • When you’re done selecting, you will enter your credit card number (VISA or Mastercard, Discover and American Express) or Apple and Google Pay for payment.
  • BuyTopLikes.com will send you a confirmation email, and your order delivery should start soon.

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What makes our service the best site to pay for 500 hearts for IG?

BuyTopLikes.com is the ideal place to purchase 500 likes on Instagram for several reasons. We have dedicated customer service reps who will assist you with whatever you need, including custom packages. We also offer only real likes from active users across the globe, from the USA to Australia to the UK, so you don’t have to worry about losing a bunch of hearts when the bot farm gets taken down.

What kind of investment does it take to get 500 taps on IG?

Buying 500 likes for Instagram is a very cheap solution for visibility and growth. Prices may vary with the market, but 500 IG likes are currently $7.69, or just a few cents a tap.

Are there any safety concerns with getting 500 paid hearts?

Most people run into problems when they buy from sites that use fake accounts or bot farms. Although Insta doesn’t prohibit buying engagement, they don’t like fake users wasting server space. Some people who buy from other sites may notice a lot of their hearts disappear with the bot farms IG clears out. In some cases, Insta may also ban users who purchase a lot of instant likes from fake accounts. However, this will never happen with BuyTopLikes.com because we only have real users.

What are some tips for purchasing 500 IG likes?

500 is a good amount for a small to mid-sized account. You don’t want to have more hearts than followers, and it’s considered good if a post gets taps slow and equal to more than 10-15% of followers. Many successful bloggers get 20% or more. Try dividing the likes over your twenty most popular recent pictures.


How soon can I get five hundred IG hearts?

This size order should take less than half an hour to begin delivery. The completion time will be shown when you check out, but it is usually less than 24 hours. Likes will come in gradually over that time period, similar to organic engagement, so it will look natural to your audience.

Is buying 500 Instagram taps illegal?

No, there are no laws against it, and Insta doesn't forbid the purchase of interaction from real users. They only retaliate against fake accounts and people who buy engagement from these fakes or bots.

What is the guarantee that these 500 taps won’t disappear from my profile?

All engagement purchased on BuyTopLikes is guaranteed for 30 days. If any hearts disappear during that time, we will replace them. Additionally, we guarantee your order will be delivered as described on our website. If you have any difficulties with your order or its delivery, please contact support@buytoplikes.com and we'll look into it right away.
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