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Stan Boehm

Hello everyone! I was looking at how to buy some cheap promo for my shop on IG. My sister told me she found this site and I decided to get 5 real hearts to see instant result . Well, I say! Even 5 likes got me better. I am completely happy to purchase more because I want my shop to succeed faster!

Gina Kulas

Me and my brother, we have a small blog about traveling in US, UK, Canada. And we wanted to pay for high quality service with real people to promote our profile. We made a decision to order five likes, and we were surprised to see instant result! It was a truly pleasant buying!

Is it true that I can buy 5 Instagram likes?

IG likes are inexpensive enough but at start it makes sense to try buying 5. The process is simple, safe, and helps improve organic growth by making your post look popular to both people and algorithms.

Why would you choose to purchase 5 real Instagram likes and who would do that?

Everyone wants a big audience on Insta, but some people really need one—like authors, bloggers, entertainers of all kinds, small business owners, coaches, and others who wish to grow their engagement and popularity of their posts, they want people to like and double-tap their content. But there are some challenges in building organic growth:

  • The website’s algorithms. These favor the posts that already have the most engagement making it hard to break into online popularity if you don’t have a huge amount of active likers elsewhere.
  • A huge amount of content. It’s estimated that more than 95 million photos and videos are shared on the site each day, and your content goes up against all of them.
  • If your Instagram account is new and your content has little boost, few people will see it, which means you will continue to have low interaction.

This cycle stops when you buy IG likes, which boosts your content in the algorithms, allowing users to see and like it naturally.

What is the process of how to order 5 IG hearts?

You can buy 5 likes on Instagram, which is the smallest package we offer. Once you’ve decided then do the following:

  • Select the amount of 5 and continue to the next step.
  • Enter your IG profile link (no password required) and choose which pictures you desire hearts on—you can divide them among several pictures if you prefer.
  • Then input your credit card info for payment, and you’ll get email confirmation when it goes through.
  • Delivery usually starts instantly within 10 minutes, depending on order size.

Is BuyTopLikes.com the best place to pay for engagement?

Yes, it is the ideal place to get 5 likes on Instagram because we only have real users and accounts. You don’t have to worry about the site deleting half of your hearts which you buy because they are from bot likers or worse, shutting down your account.

Why it is fairly cheap to buy 5 likes for Instagram?

Our prices for instant, paid hearts are very reasonable, starting at only $2.89. There are many different packages, so you can start with a small one, then try a larger one later if you have good results.

Should I have any concerns about buying 5 IG likes?

Here, you’ve already found the safest place to purchase hearts for your Instagram photos and posts. Because we use only high quality and real, users, no one will know that you paid for the service and the site won’t penalize you. Our website is encrypted and your payment info is secure.

What are some ideas for maximizing Insta hearts?

Your like-to-follower ratio is very important. It doesn’t matter if you have tens of thousands of likes on your posts if you have only hundreds of friends. This is particularly concerning if you are an influencer hoping to work with brands—brand reps do like a big engagement, but they also want an audience that will see and like your posts.

What to do?

Get yourself a gradual boost in hearts by purchasing a package that suits your account size. Or maybe buy 5 likes on each post. If your account is small, aim for a higher ratio—hearts should be around 10%. If your follower account is higher, in the tens or hundreds of thousands, 2-5% engagement is reasonable. 5 likes is always a good place to start, and you can increase hearts as needed.


How fast will my 5 likes show up on my Instagram?

It depends on the size of the package you choose to buy. The exact time will be shown when you check out, but most orders start coming through within 24 hours and usually finish within 10 days. If you need more engagement before a certain event, we recommend you purchase well ahead of time.

Is it illegal to purchase 5 hearts in Australia, the USA, the UK, or any other country?

No, there are no laws against purchasing IG hearts. It's not even strictly banned by the site's terms of service, as long as likers are all real accounts, as ours are.

Can I buy 5 likes on all of my pictures on Instagram?

You can choose multiple pictures in whatever way you like. However, depending on how much content you have, spreading it over all your pictures may be impractical. In that case, you may decide to pick the best of your most recent photos, then buy a new package of likes each week to get boost on photos moving forward.
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