Recurring Policy delivers several services through a subscription model. As such, clients pay upfront when they place an order and the agreed amount is automatically deducted from their account every month.

Services Offered on a Subscription Basis

All packages for the Autolikes, Automatic Views, Automatic Comments services are supplied through a subscription model.

Terms for Monthly Subscriptions and Recurring Charges

When you purchase any package from the Autolikes, Automatic Views, Automatic Comments services, you consent to an initial and ongoing monthly subscription fee at the prevailing monthly rate. You also accept the obligation for all recurring payments until the subscription is terminated. You can cancel your monthly subscription anytime. Please refer to our “Monthly Subscription Cancellation” section for more details.

Automatic Renewal of Monthly Subscription

The monthly subscription fee is determined by the service package selected by the client when initiating the recurring order. This amount is fixed and remains the same until the subscription is terminated.

After subscribing to Autolikes, Automatic Views, Automatic Comments, will automatically process your monthly subscription fee in the following billing cycle (30 calendar days). This process will continue every month at the prevailing subscription rate until you cancel the subscription.

Monthly Subscription Cancellation

To cancel your subscription, you need to send us an email at requesting cancellation. This email should include the payment receipt which is automatically sent to you when you place the initial order. To avoid future charges, you should send the cancellation email to 3 business days before your next billing date. A subscription is considered officially canceled only after you receive written confirmation from in response to your cancellation request.

Clients can choose to either keep our services active until the end of the billing cycle or terminate them immediately. However, please note that no pro-rated refunds are issued for cancellations made before the end of the paid-up period.