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Bill Houston

Not so long ago I started uploading content for IG TV, it didn't bring me a view number that I was hoping for. Luckily I already had some experience about where to get some real growth with the quickest delivery:)  It is so great that I can pay for views and get instant boost without any problems!)


Joan Hogan

Like many other bloggers, I turned my attention to Instagram TV as a tool for my progress. I have a blog that has an active goal to find the best place to eat in the USA, and even though I haven't paid for such service before, when I entered the IGTV world, I wanted to try. I was pretty surprised- the time of delivery was very short, and I got a lot of active users, who left comments and hearts! Good to have the link to this service in my toolbar😀😀😀


Dana Warren

Hmmm, where to get more views on igtv, and to get high-quality product for cheap prices? And fast as the wind, of course? I am glad to say that this safe service helped me to solve all those questions with haste and delight! Wish you guys to become the most successful company of all❤️


Leah Green

When I decided that buying IGTV views was a must for me, at first I was pretty lost. Well, I didn't even know how buying viewers for video works😂 I am eternally thankful to my bf who found this site and helped me to complete my order. He also explained to me that I shouldn't worry about the safety of my account, because no password is required here.  Also, I looked through the price rates and now I think that I will get more services to make my blog perform better)

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We provide 100% secure service. We don’t ask for any sensitive personal information and use secure payment methods.


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It takes you only a couple of minutes to place the order on our site. We guarantee a quick result too. That’s why our site is very convenient.


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After you place the order, we start working on it. Usually, it takes 24 hours and your order of IGTV views will be delivered to you. Whatever amount of views you choose, you’ll get them in no time.


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Our team of professionals is always online to help you with any issues. Our 24/7 support will guide you at every step of the order and will answer all your questions at any time of the day (and night)!


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We have a guarantee system for every order. It means that if any issue arises, we will take care of it. We cover the process from A to Z, because we focus on the best results to make you satisfied.


Best Quality

Best results are achievable only with the best quality services. That’s what we always focus on. We offer only high-quality services, and all the views you’ll get are from real accounts. Bots, fake accounts, and spam detected by Instagram are not about us!

About us

We are a team of experienced marketers that know how hard it can be to grow and establish a powerful online presence. Through our ideas and expertise you can get amazing results all the time and you can also grow your subscription methods unlike never before.

We believe in quality and professionalism, and you can rest assured that we will be there to help you no matter what happens!

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What Exactly Are IGTV Views and How It Differs From The Regular Ones? 

You may already know that for Instagram, the more views you get for each video, the better it is for you from a marketing standpoint. An IGTV video is longer than a regular one, allowing you to showcase more detailed and in-depth content. 

When you buy TV views on Instagram, it simply means that you’re purchasing engagement for this form of video rather than the shorter ones that constitute regular platform content. 

Why Would You Buy IGTV Views?

There are various reasons why you’d pay for impressions and raise your IGTV viewer count. Here are some of them:

  • No one likes to watch videos if their engagement numbers are low. A targeted increase can jumpstart the process for you. 
  • If you get more people to watch your longer IG TV offerings, you will be able to connect with your audience better and get attention from new users. 
  • This can help you to receive better engagement and stats.
  • Trying to attract an organic audience is very time-consuming, and you probably would want to focus on video content creation.

If you get paid engagement from our website, you’ll ensure that your social media influence will spread, and customers within your niche will learn about you or your company.   

What Benefits Are There If You Buy IG TV Views?

If you decide to go ahead and boost your impression count, you’ll see the following benefits:

  • You’ll have more of a chance to impress and interact better with your audience.
  • You will see more likes, comments, and followers, all of which you need.
  • You’ll sell more products and increase your business’s overall revenue.
  • You will receive more popularity and better stats for your blogger’s or influencer’s account. 
  • The more IG viewers you attract, the more you can emphasize to platform users that your profile is on the rise.
  • The more engagement you receive, the better stats and analytics you will have.
  • This marketing method saves you time that you might use to promote your business in other ways.
  • You have a better chance of one of your video content going viral.

Who Most Needs to Buy Instagram TV Views?

If you’re blogger, influencer or a would-be influencer, but not many people know who you are yet, or even a celebrity, you’re a perfect candidate to purchase cheap, real IGTV views this way. 

If you own a business or brand that is launching a new product line or you’re about to have a big sale, you’d also do well getting an engagement package from BuyTopLikes.

Where Would You Go About Buying Views on IGTV? Why Is BuyTopLikes.com the Superior Choice?

You’re visiting the best site if you’re ready to boost your view count instantly. That’s because the cost is never prohibitive. You will be sure of a significant gain for the best price because we look at competing websites and beat their offers.

We also use real accounts when we fulfill your order and no bots. Without bots, you know you’re getting quality engagement with every order you place. 

We also unequivocally guarantee your order delivery along with an excellent refund policy. Our service is quality, secure and easy to use and you’ll get instant credibility through what we provide.  

How Would You Get a Fast Delivery of One of Our Services? 

You can purchase from us in the following way:

  • First, you select which IGTV viewership package you want.
  • You then let us know your relevant account URL.
  • We send you an email confirmation.
  • Then, you can pay us via credit card or other suitable methods.
  • You can expect us to deliver your engagement package starting directly after you order. 

You should note that we do not collect sensitive information, such as your account password. All we require is your email and username. We also start to deliver your order right away. You must set your account to public for us to do this, though. 

Is It Safe If You Do This?

You may be 100% certain that getting a package from BuyTopLikes is safe, and that the platform will never ban your account. That’s because we send you only IGTV video views from real accounts, and we never use any bots or ones that are inactive. We also add your viewership using the slow-drip method of delivery that we have developed. It appears completely natural and never makes the IG algorithm suspicious. This is why we have so many satisfied repeat customers.


Is This Completely Legal?

Yes, there is no illegality about what we do. Many prominent companies and influencers do this, and they’ve been able to get ahead in their respective niches. You can do the same.

Can IG Tell if I Buy This Service? Can It Remove My Videos?

IG cannot tell the difference between the engagement we provide and what comes to you organically on the platform. Accordingly, they will never remove any of the videos that you post.

Can My Account Get Banned if I Do This?

Your account does not risk a ban if you buy engagement this way. We’re the safest marketing method because we have a no bot policy. We deliver using only active accounts. Without bot order fulfillment, you won’t get penalized by the IG algorithm.

How Can I Pay?

You can pay for the cheapest new viewership package with a credit card, such as Mastercard, Visa, Amex, or Discover. We also will take Google Pay or Apple Pay, but no PayPal as of this moment.

Can I Place Multiple Orders for the Same Videos?

You can absolutely place more than one order if there is a single video that you’re working especially hard to promote. You might wait a week or two weeks and then order for that same video again if you want to be sure more Instagram users are watching it.

Do I Need to Give My Username and Password for a Delivery?

No, you do not ever need to give us your password. That is sensitive information, and it is best for security reasons if you keep it to yourself. This way, you’ll know no one is ever tampering with your account. We do need your username, however.

Can I Spread Out the Package I Buy Among Different Videos?

Yes, you can spread the bulk Insta package you buy among more than one of your IGTV videos. This way, you can promote as many of them equally as you like. You can also buy if you live in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, India, Nigeria, and other regions and countries.

Can Anyone Tell That I Have Purchased a Package?

No one can tell that you have bought IGTV video views from BuyTopLikes. Your gradual increase will always appear legit and organic. There is no fundamental difference between the viewership numbers you purchase and the regular ones.

Is There a Guarantee Policy, and Can I Get a Refund If I Need It?

We do guarantee that the service we provide will be just as we describe it on our website. That’s why you can feel completely safe ordering on our site. However, if for some reason we cannot complete the service as described, we may grant a refund at our discretion.