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What Precisely Are IGTV Likes?

When we talk about IGTV, what we mean is the longer-form video content that you post on Instagram. IG TV is a way that you should emphasize what your company and business model are all about. 

Likes for an IGTV video are the same as the ones you get for your other IG content. They’re a metric that people on the platform use to determine whether you or your business entity are popular, which is why so many individuals buy IGTV likes. 

What Would Be Some Reasons to Buy IG TV Likes? Why Try This?

If you were wondering, several reasons exist why you would pay for impressions this way. If you buy TV likes, you’re promoting your IG account. You can attract new followers, some of whom might buy your products and services.

This is also a way to get a boost that’s much faster than trying to build up organic numbers. You can increase audience impact if you get the IG users to watch your videos more. That’s something you can often accomplish when they see more individuals liking your IGTV offerings. 

You can connect with a new audience from all over the world this way. You can attract engagement from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, India, Nigeria, Germany, and elsewhere. 

Who Is Interested In Purchasing IGTV Video Likes? Why Would You Want to Try It?

There are several individuals and entities that love this service variety for Insta. For instance, you should buy from our site if you want to be an influencer, but few people know who you are yet. You should also buy if you’re a company that’s prominent on other social media platforms, but you don’t have an IG presence yet.

As for why you’d want to order our legit services, one reason is because doing this saves you time. Instead of painstakingly trying to build up your organic numbers, you can try buying an artificial increase, which sends a strong signal that your videos are popular. 

You’ll get more IG engagement organically if you jumpstart the process this way. It’s called the bandwagon effect. The more likes, views and comments for Instagram TV you have, the more you’ll get. Also, if you do this, it’s much more likely you’ll have a video go viral.

Where Would It Be Best for You to Go to Purchase Likes for IGTV? Why is BuyTopLikes the Unquestioned Leader In This Area?

BuyTopLikes.com is the site you need to go to spread your influence fast, with no bots. We have a strict without bot policy when we deliver your order, meaning that we only send you engagement from active, real accounts. That’s why ours is the safest website where you won’t get your account banned or flagged.  

We also have extremely low prices, but we deliver high quality with every bulk order. With every delivery, you can be sure you’re getting the cheapest possible price for this type of social media marketing strategy. No other marketing service is this cost-effective.

What Is The Process if You Are Ready to Buy Instagram TV Likes Now?

Here’s how you buy:

  • Begin by selecting which like package makes sense for your needs.
  • You then send us your account info.
  • We’ll need payment via credit card or another accepted method. 
  • We need an email address from you to confirm.
  • Then, your hearts will be on the way as soon as the payment processes. 

We don’t collect sensitive customer information like your password. We just need your username and email. You’ll start to see your impression count rise very soon after you order. Just be sure that you set your account to public rather than private.

Is It Safe to Get This Sort of Paid IGTV Engagement?

Yes, you can be sure that the targeted gain you get from us is safe. That’s because of the no bot policy we mentioned. Without bots, and with a gradual increase that’s sure to work, the IG algorithm will never flag or ban your account. 

You should also understand that doing this is legal and a widely accepted practice. That’s why more Instagram users use BuyTopLikes than the other companies that might fill your order through the use of inactive accounts or bots. 


Is This Sort of Thing Illegal?

There is no illegality at all about what our company does. The cost is worth every penny because this is an approved social media marketing tactic in which many prominent and respected companies engage.

Does IG Know if I Do This? Can It Ban My Videos?

There is never a way for the platform to know that you bought likes for Instagram TV from us. The numbers rise in just the same way as if they were doing so organically. IG will never ban your videos if you make this purchase.

Can My Account Get Hit with a Ban if I Buy?

You purchase credibility instantly through BuyTopLikes.com, and it’s well worth it for the price. That’s because we use a slow-drip delivery methodology that’s proven to work, and we never use inactive accounts or bots. You’ll never get banned.

What Payment Method is Okay to Use?

You can utilize a credit card such as Amex, Visa, Discover, or Mastercard. We also do accept both Apple Pay and Google Pay right now. We do not take cryptocurrency at the moment.

Will These Likes Only Come from Real and Active Accounts?

The instant packages you buy from us are not just cheap. They are also composed only of active, genuine accounts. That is not something that other companies guarantee. Some utilize bots or accounts that are not active.

Can I Get Multiple Orders for a Single Video?

Yes, you may order as many packages for a video as you want. It’s a great idea to get paid engagement for a video multiple times if you really want to emphasize that particular one because you worked so hard on it.

Can I Spread Out the Likes Among Different Videos?

Yes, you can divide the impressions you get among your various video offerings. This is definitely an intelligent thing to do since you can be sure that people are checking out all of your different services and products this way.

Can Anyone Tell if I Purchase This Service?

No, no one can tell that you bought from us. The quick engagement that you get looks exactly like organic numbers on your account rising. There is no way for IG platform users or the algorithm to tell them apart.

Is There a Guarantee, and Can I Get a Refund if Warranted?

When you buy likes on IGTV, we guarantee that the order will appear just as we described it on our website. If any of your likes drop off within the first 30 days, we will replace them. If we cannot fulfill the order for some reason, we may grant you a refund at our discretion.

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Brittany Jennings

Hello guys! Love the service that you have here! For me, buying here some TV likes turned out to be the best way to improve. With such organic and fast result, I guess I need to post more igtv videos)))

Byron Ruiz

Wanna buy likes for your igtv video instantly and at an affordable charge? This is the right place! No password required so I am perfectly cool for my safety. Love how simple is the process of purchase. Good luck guys! Looks like you are the only company that is a real deal!

Dan Cunningham

I cannot even describe how much I loved the quality and delivery of likes to my IGTV videos! If someone hesitates to buy here - don't! Even though the prices are cheap, my profile is completely safe, as I don't need to give out my login info.  Thanks to these guys I now have a stable audience and growth!

Our Advantages


Whatever package with IG TV likes you choose, we will proceed your order with full security. The payment methods are all secure, and the results you get are all reliable. This is one of the top advantages of working with us.

Easy Ordering

Buying IGTV likes on our site will take you only a couple of minutes. Quick ordering provides understandable and simple steps to follow, which means that you’ll quickly receive the results.

Fast Delivery

As soon as you choose your package and proceed with the payment, we will start working on delivering engagement to you. Usually, it takes 24 hours to see the results, which is considered the fastest delivery on the market.

24/7 Support

If you have any questions on packages, ordering, payment methods, or you simply want to ask advice on the number of IGTV likes to buy, our support managers will help you. Available 24/7, our team will guide you on every step of your order.

Ensured Warranty

Our warranty system ensures that every order you place is delivered on time and according to the plan you’ve chosen. We cover any issue that may arise on your way. Let us know if you have any questions and we will support you on every step.

Best Quality

We provide the best quality, because our IGTV likes are genuine and from real people. We process your orders manually, which means we never use any bots. The hearts you’ll receive will be in accordance with Instagram algorithms.


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