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I was using this service before, to get instant boost. And i can say that this purchase is a hell of a help for the blog! Last time i went to get 7000 targeted followers.Even though the number is big the price is still cheap enough. As usually, pleased with the fast service!


As a beginner, I struggled to attract followers to my Instagram. Thanks to my friend who advised me to buy 7000 real Instagram followers. This service helped me to grow my audience and attract more orders to my shop!


My daughter was trying hard to build a large following on Instagram. After almost six months of using all the known methods of boosting your audience she barely had a few hundred followers. I decided to give her a surprise and bought this pack for her account. The results are spectacular, and now she is more popular than ever!

How does purchasing 7000 followers for Instagram work and why it makes sense to buy it?

Posting great content on Insta only to realize no one even sees it is frustrating, so many people wonder if they should pay for fans. When you buy 7,000 real Instagram followers, you can quickly gather authentic engagement from real actual people. After payment, you start receiving new friends right away, and these continue in a gradual, natural-looking delivery system that usually completes within a couple of days. That way it looks like more IG users are seeing your profile and start following you. The best part is that this helps Instagram algorithms recognize your account is interesting for others and that it’s growing. So they place your pics in more feeds, and you have an increase in organic followers concurrently.

Is it really worth buying 7k friends on IG and what are the benefits?

Absolutely. When you pay for 7000 followers on Instagram, you can benefit in multiple ways:

  • The gain in fans for IG leads to more people seeing your posts, so you get even more followers.
  • This is ideal for influencers or would-be influencers, whose audience is their currency. Without enough friends, advertisers won’t want to work with them or won’t be willing to pay as much.
  • Buying more followers for Insta is also good if you’re trying to create a brand, either personal or business.
  • Entertainers, artists, authors, bloggers, and performers of all kinds benefit from being able to demonstrate a sizable internet following.

How to purchase 7,000 Instagram fans in a few simple steps?

Buying 7000 Instagram followers usually requires less time and energy than waiting in line for coffee.

  • First, you select the pack with the amount of 7k friends.
  • Next, you should enter your profile username. (Check if your account is set to public. and stays that way until your order is complete, so our real users can find and follow you.)
  • Then enter your payment info (Google/Apple Pay or a credit card like Discover, VISA, AmEx, or Mastercard) and email address. That’s it, we don’t ask for any personal info.
  • We’ll give you a confirmation email after your money has been processed, and you should start seeing instant benefits right away.

Where can you order 7000 active followers for IG and Why BuyTopLikes.com is the best option for it?

The best place to get 7k Instagram friends is our site. Unlike other sites, our paid fans are all 100% real, legit accounts—no bots allowed. That protects you from problems with IG. Additionally, we have a very secure payment portal, and we don’t collect any personal info, so no one will ever know if you pay for an audience. Also, you can make a purchase from anywhere in the world—the USA, India, Canada, Pakistan, Germany, the UK, Nigeria, Australia, etc.

How much does this package cost?

It’s very inexpensive to buy 7,000 Instagram followers. Prices may change, but right now 7k fans cost $87.99. Despite the cheap price, we provide a high quality service, using only active, authentic user accounts.

Is it risky or completely safe to buy seven thousand friends on Instagram?

Yes, it’s really very safe to purchase 7000 IG followers—if you do it with our service. Because all our engaged, reliable users are real, there is no risk of Insta banning your account. They only go after people who pay for bot fans, because bots cause all sorts of problems for the website. Since users which we offer are real, Instagram has no reason to care if you pay for it. them. We also have 30-day guarantee and unfollow protection, so if you end up losing any of your new followers, during that period, we will replace them at no cost.

What are some tips and facts for purchasing 7k IG fans?

7,000 is an ideal amount of targeted friends if your goal is to boost your social standing. This will show potential clients or audience members how popular you are on Instagram. Plus, it will convince IG’s algorithms of the same. The site is set up to favor content by its most popular accounts, which means it can be hard to become noticed when you only have a few hundred followers. Hey, most of us don’t have 7000 friends and relatives we can ask to follow us! No worries—with us, you can quickly gain thousands of real fans, and it will look like your content is attracting a huge audience.


Is it bad to buy 7,000 followers on Instagram?

No, but it could be bad to let your account languish because no one’s seeing your posts. Purchasing 7k new audience members helps you grow a following fast, and promotes organic growth at the same time. The more fans you have, the more eyes will be drawn to your incredible photographs, and the more new followers you’ll have.

Is it possible to get banned from IG for buying friends?

No, all users who come from us are genuine and Insta only goes after people with fake accounts. They actually don’t forbid paying for followers in their user agreement, as long as they are real people. As a result, you may grow your following without jeopardising your account's reputation.

What is the time frame for delivery of new fans after I buy them?

It depends on the order size, but delivery is usually complete within two days. It is staggered this way to appear natural, as opposed to 7000 new friends suddenly appearing all in the same moment.

Why did I just receive 7k new followers on Instagram?

Occasionally this occurs because someone just happens to have a photo go viral, but with the way IG algorithms are set up, this rarely happens with accounts that don’t have a ton of fans. It’s more likely someone bought you some followers. This can happen easily because there’s no password required, so a friend might have gifted you some audience members. They could also have come from someone you work with who wanted to boost your social standing.
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