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Before I met this service, I was totally sure that all paid services were fraud and there is nothing good in using them. After 3 months of ineffectual efforts, I was physically and mentally exhausted… and didn’t want to do anything. My friend recommended this company as one of the most reliable and what ’s more important – with real services. I have nothing to do but try its proposal – that’s how I decided to buy 50k Instagram followers package and my successful career started!


This works like a charm! Thank you! I’ve talked to several Instagram influencers about where I could buy 50000 Instagram followers, and most of them recommended this website. I am glad I made this purchase because I received high-quality followers quite rapidly and for a reasonable price.


As a social media marketer, I cannot recommend this service enough. It gets a small, unknown account from anonymity to huge online popularity in a matter of days. I use it for my personal brand, but for my clients as well, and if you are trying to get more people behind your brand, then this is the way to go.

How can buying 50000 Instagram followers help?

Insta is a crowded site, and its algorithms help the most popular content gets seen more, so it’s often hard to grow an organic audience. If you need an instant boost to your social presence, the best way to move forward is to pay for 50k IG friends. Make sure they are all real, genuine fans by using BuyTopLikes.

What makes it worth to purchase 50,000 followers on Instagram?

There are numerous reasons people find it worthwhile to buy 50 thousand fans for IG. Many use them for business, or for building a personal brand. Here are some benefits:

  • Increasing your value as an influencer. Brand managers who seek the services of an influencer really want to know you have a large, engaged online audience. The more fans you have, the more valuable your account will be to them.
  • Helping you promote a product or service. The more followers you have, the more Instagram will get your content seen by authentic viewers, including people who might be interested in your business posts.
  • Helping you gain more IG friends who aren’t paid. Once people see how many subscribers you already have, they’ll be much more likely to follow you too.

What is the procedure for how to order 50000 active fans?

Paying for 50k IG followers takes only a few minutes.

  • The first thing to do is to go to BuyTopLikes.com and select “Followers” from the menu.
  • Then you’ll go to a page with different packages and choose the one that says “50000.”
  • After that, there’s a pop-up box that asks for the profile link. (No password or login info is needed.) Below you’ll enter your credit card number (VISA or Mastercard, no PayPal) for fast, safe payment.
  • When that’s completed, you’ll get an email confirmation of your order, and delivery should begin soon.

Why should you trust BuyTopLikes with your follower needs?

BuyTopLikes.com is committed to giving you the best quality, reliable fans available. We never use a bot or fake accounts. Not only do these usually look fake, but they can cause issues with IG, especially if you order a large number like 50k. If you want to buy 50000 real Instagram followers without losing time, money, or your account status, the best way is to choose our site.

What kind of cost is involved in getting 50k followers for Instagram?

This economical purchase provides 50000 real IG followers for only $599.99, a low price that includes only real users. This comes out to less than a penny per fan, a great value. Users that you buy come from all over the planet, including the USA, India, the UK, Australia, Canada, and Nigeria, so you’ll gain a global audience.

What kind of safety issues are there with acquiring fans like this?

Choosing the best site to pay for cheap, legit users is an important safety measure. At BuyTopLikes, all our users are real accounts. Where some people run into trouble is in buying from sites that use fake or bot accounts. Instagram is constantly trying to delete these, so more than one person has discovered they paid for followers who disappeared a few days later. Insta also has strong feelings when people buy fakes, so if it looks like you purchased a lot, they may ban or delete your account, too.

What are the best options to buy 50,000 Instagram followers?

50000 targeted fans will give you a large boost in social presence. This will increase your account’s visibility, so now might be a good time to try promoted posts on Insta. You should also make sure a link to your account (store, personal page or what you’re trying to promote) appears in your bio, for when people look at it. You might also consider a combined campaign between Insta and other social sites, to encourage new fans to follow you on other platforms as well.


Are there any legal issues with purchasing 50000 followers?

No, the practice of buying Instagram friends isn't illegal, and it isn't even forbidden in IG's own terms and conditions. If you read the fine print, they don't mind people paying follows, they just don't want you paying bot farms to clog up their site. As long as your fans are all real accounts—and we only use real accounts—you won't run afoul of Instagram.

What about purchasing 50k subscribers for business?

Businesses as diverse as clothing companies, fitness coaching, and magic acts have benefitted from this service. There's no faster way to gain an audience than to get a boost of 50,000. This shows potential customers that others like you and your products, and that your work is gaining in popularity. It also helps by letting IG's algorithms know to show more of your content to targeted viewers.

I've heard sometimes paid users unfollow, what can I do about that?

No worries, BuyTopLikes offers 30-day unfollow protection. If anything happens to some of your new Instagram followers in this time frame, just write to support@buytoplikes.com, and we'll replace them for you.
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