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A friend who has been using your services for about a year advised Buytoplikes.COM to me. I trusted her and ordered my first 5k followers from you. I have something to work on, but as for the service, everything is fine here - real followers come gradually ... I even opened some interesting accounts from which I get inspiration. And what to hide, I already had my own small target audience. Thanks!


My sister decided to open Instagram store and she urgently needed activity to sell the product. I advised her to your service, as my childhood friend recommended it to me. She acquired 5000 followers on IG, and as far as I know, was very pleased with your services! Now I’m thinking about buying followers for my account. You have very nice prices.


I decided to promote my Instagram profile and stumbled across your service. I looked at your prices, compared with competitors, and immediately ordered 5000 Insta followers. The service came very quickly. Thanks for the help!


I tried ordering followers on other sites, but many of them want too much to pay for 5k followers. So I am glad my partner found this service. The purchase was fast, the service required no password and the followers are active! For such a cheap price this is the best deal you could possibly get!

What are the best ways to buy 5000 Instagram followers?

Due to crowding and algorithm choices, Insta is now a difficult place to grow an online following, so for many people, the best option is to get 5k friends. Thanks to BuyTopLikes, our service provides you with real, genuine accounts, so you don’t have to worry that people will notice all your fans are bots.

Is it worth paying for 5,000 IG followers?

There are a few reasons this is the best option:

  • If you have a viral post and gain thousands of fans overnight, that’s great. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen for most people.
  • For one thing, pictures or videos can only go viral if people see them.
  • Instagram favors content from users who already have a large number of followers, so the odds of someone with a small account having that kind of success are very low.
  • If you’re tired of quality content going unseen, the best way to fix it is to order fans.

How to purchase an online audience in a few easy steps?

We want you to find buying 5000 Instagram followers a simple process. All you have to do is:

  • Go to BuyTopLikes.com, select “Followers” from the menu, and choose 5000.
  • A pop-up menu will request the profile link (no password needed!), then a credit card number for payment. You can use VISA or Mastercard.
  • After this payment has gone through, we’ll email you an order confirmation and delivery should start soon.

Why is BuyTopLikes.com the ideal solution for getting 5,000 followers?

We provide you with targeted, authentic users, not fake accounts, protecting you from IG’s bot farm purges. Additionally, you get safe, fast, and confidential delivery, when you buy 5000 real Instagram followers, so no one needs to know some of your fans were paid.

What is the cost to order 5k new Instagram subscribers?

On BuyTopLikes.com, you can acquire 5000 active fans cheap. This package is only $63.79 right now (price is subject to change). It comes with 30-day unfollow protection, so if any of your new friends drop, they will be replaced in this time period. Just let us know at support@buytoplikes.com and we’ll be happy to help.

How safe is it to buy reliable accounts on IG?

On our website, it’s very safe to get 5000 followers on Instagram. Because we only use real accounts, you won’t have to fear having your account banned or deleted by IG. They actually don’t restrict accounts that pay for an online audience, as long as these are real accounts. They will ban users for buying a bunch of bot or fake fans, so you don’t want to use a site that sells fakes. BuyTopLikes only uses authentic accounts so you can gain in numbers without losing your carefully built account.

Some suggestions about purchasing Instagram friends

Getting 5,000 active IG followers can be exactly the instant boost your social account needs. You can buy it to reach Insta users all around the globe, including the USA, the UK, India, Canada, Australia, and Nigeria. Make the most of your improved visibility by researching and utilizing the best hashtags, A/B testing different filters, and keeping your followers engaged by seeking their feedback on posts. You can also offer contests or giveaways to encourage the increase in organic growth that follows when people see that you already have 5000 fans.


Is it wrong to purchase 5k followers on Instagram?

No, but it can be frustrating and incredibly hard to get more friends for IG without buying them. Because of the Insta algorithms boosting popular people's content, you won't find yourself on a level playing field. If you've tried to gain subscribers and nothing will work, the purchase of 5000 users may be your best option.

Will people know if I paid for an IG audience?

Not if you don't tell them. Your transaction is confidential and our servers secure. Since your users are legit, there's no way anyone can tell.

Is it a good idea to buy 5,000 Instagram fans for business?

Yes, many business users are really thrilled with their results when they pay for more IG followers. It gives them the visibility they need to receive attention for their content, products, and services. It's also good for influencers, who can use this social proof of their following to charge more for branded posts. Bloggers, entertainers, coaches, and people who own all kinds of small businesses also benefit.
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