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I run my blog on Instagram and often upload videos about cooking wedding cakes. For the first time I took advantage of this service and ordered 500 views. Once I paid for the order, I received numbers during the day. I am very pleased with the work of this service and now I am your regular customer. Thanx:)


This service is amazing! I received 500 Insta views even faster than I thought I would get them. From my experience, I would say that this website offers the most affordable prices for Instagram views out there. I will come back to buy more views for the rest of my photos and videos. Thank you so much!


This is the best website for Instagram views! I have been buying them from various other places, but you guys never let me down. The best quality at the lowest price and they always come on time. I will go ahead and recommend you to my other friends on Instagram, too. Keep up the great work!

Jeremy McLaughlin

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The cost for five hundred video views is more than pleasant to me, and i love that i can get instant boost for my ig business. My customers started being more active as they see how fast my blog grows) thanks for quick reaction to my query! i will get back to the service soon)

How Might You Buy 500 Instagram Video Views? What Does This Do to Your Account?

When you buy 500 viewer numbers, you’re jumpstarting your social media strategy in a real, meaningful way. To get more of an organic following, the purchase of a video viewer package makes a lot of sense.
We only use authentic, cheap Instagram views to fill your order. If your company is not very well known yet, this is the way to get safe, instant credibility and start monetizing with every post.

How Would I Purchase 500 Views for Instagram Videos?

Follow these steps.

  • Select 500 video views.
  • Give us your channel and video info.
  • We need your credit card number (Note: We don’t accept PayPal payments).
  • We’ll require an email address to confirm.
  • Now you can wait for your viewership to start coming in over the next 24 hours.

For five hundred viewers numbers, this is the cheapest way to buy.

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Where Would You Order 500 IG Video Views? Is BuyTopLikes.com Really the Best Place to Purchase?

When it comes to buying cheap, fast impressions for Instagram, you’ve found the place. If you pay for a quick 500 IG video views through us, the gradual delivery comes from active accounts so that you won’t get in trouble with the platform.
BuyTopLikes.com only ever uses approved practices when we deliver paid engagement for your videos. You buy views that are authentic and great value.

How Much Does It Cost Me if I Want to Get 500 Views on IG?

The price for this engagement package is only $2.09. That’s a bargain if you want to get those organic viewer numbers flowing.
If you buy from other companies, you run the risk of them filling the order using inactive accounts or bots. That’s counterproductive, and it’s not something we do.

Why Is This the Safest Way to Buy Five Hundred Instagram Watchers?

Buying watchers through this site is the superior choice because we add to your totals gradually rather than giving you all that engagement at once. This ensures that the account will not be banned.
Also, keep in mind that you can divide up your numbers between different video offerings.

Useful Facts and Suggestions When You Buy From the Website

  • Many well-known companies start on social media by buying 500 video views.
  • When you purchase viewership, it is more likely that companies will want to advertise with you, since they’ll see your popularity.
  • Buy one of these watcher packages when you’re starting on social media, since no one knows who you are yet.
  • Keyword research helps optimize your video descriptions, but everyone does that. Buying users to observe your offerings helps you get ahead.

Can Ordering 500 Views on Instagram Package Result in a Ban from the Platform?

You are in no danger of a ban by making one of these watcher purchases. We follow the IG terms of service, and we never use fake accounts. That is something that other companies regularly do, which is why BuyTopLikes.com is always the better choice.

How Can I Grow My Organic Viewership Following on IG?

The best way to start is to buy through our website. That’s how you get people to notice you. After that, make sure that your videos are well-produced, original, and answer questions posed by those in your niche.

How Long Might It Take Before I Get My Whole Order?

How long your whole delivery takes to arrive depends on the number of Instagram watchers that you got. We start to deliver within the next 24 hours, but if you got a large package of 500 views, we will send it to you over the next few days so as not to get your account flagged.
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