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It is my first time that I pay to get more people to follow my profile. A friend recommended this service to me, and even if I was skeptical that it would work at first, I decided to give it a try anyway and buy 50 followers Instagram. To my surprise, I received them quickly and they all are real accounts of great quality. Now, I will recommend you to other Insta users as well. Thank you very much!

Ji Woo

I recently opened a new Instagram account, but I only had a few friends following me. This time, I wanted to be more popular and I knew from past experiences that growing many followers organically is useless. This service delivers them to you instantly and they come from real, verifiable accounts, so it is safe, easy and extremely time-effective.


My Insta beauty blog is at its very start. So I wanted to become popular without losing much time and effort on active promoting for, like, five people. Decided to get 50 followers on IG from here. I was delighted about how easy is this service to use! No password required so you can be sure buying is safe! The crowd these guys provide is organic, love it!


Really worthy purchase! I was surprised to see that the service is not just fast and cheap, but delivers active audience too! I ordered 50 followers for my Instagram, and received them for instant! The best service for me!

When is purchasing 50 IG followers a good idea?

Nowadays it appears everyone’s on Insta, and it’s really annoying to see that even a buddy’s pet feline has more followers than you. IG built their social algorithms to promote posts that already have tons of fans, so sometimes the only way to catch up is to buy 50 Instagram followers. With BuyTopLikes you just get real profiles, there’s no better way to increase your online audience.

When is it worth buying 50 Instagram followers?

If you’ve already pleaded your buddy to follow you back on their cat’s profile, you should probably consider buying 50 IG fans. Once you’ve exhausted friends and family (and their pets) it can be tough to gain natural growth on a packed site that gives more visibility to more popular accounts. Many people also buy 50 real Instagram followers for business, including bloggers, writers, musicians, bands, vocalists, dancers, travel fans, coaches, and people who operate small businesses.

The simple steps of how to buy 50 IG fans

The straightforward process for acquiring 50 IG fans:

  • Visit BuyTopLikes.com and select “Followers,” specifying the desired quantity.
  • In the appearing box, input your profile link and provide a credit card number for payment (currently accepting VISA and Mastercard).
  • Once processed, you’ll receive an email confirmation, and the delivery will commence shortly.

Why should I trust BuyTopLikes to help me get 50 fans?

We enable you to purchase 50 genuine followers, avoiding bots or fake accounts that might lead to issues. Your set of 50 active fans includes a 30-day unfollow protection guarantee. If you experience any losses, we’ll promptly replace them for you. Just contact customer service at support@buytoplikes.com to let them know.

What kind of cost is involved in getting 50 friends?

Securing 50 followers on Instagram is incredibly economical and provides excellent value for your money. Currently priced at less than $3, it amounts to just a few pennies per user account. For this minimal cost, you receive authentic subscribers, facilitating the expansion of your engaged online base without the risk of losing followers during periodic bot farm purges on IG. Undoubtedly, it’s a worthwhile, modest investment to foster the growth of your account.

So that makes it safe to buy 50 subscribers?

Yes. It’s a common misconception that IG bans people for buying paid followers. What they actually ban accounts for is being fake/a bot account, or paying for fake/bot followers. Unlike with other websites, our quality users are legit, so you don’t have this problem with BuyTopLikes.

Things you should know about the best way to purchase 50 Instagram users

Opting for 50 followers becomes particularly advantageous when you’re nearing a growth milestone but encountering difficulties in reaching it. Consider individuals striving diligently to attain their initial 1000 fans—each time they approach this target, a few authentic users might unfollow or vanish, causing significant frustration in building a following. If you find yourself stuck around 970 for a while, purchasing 50 Instagram followers serves as an effective method to overcome that hurdle and propel your growth.


Can I buy subscribers from my own country?

Some of your targeted audience for Instagram will probably be from your country, as Insta has users all around the world, and so do we. Some popular countries for IG include the UK, USA, India, Canada, Australia, Nigeria, and many others. Having supporters in different countries is an attractive value add for companies that hire IG influencers.

When you purchase 50 users, how long does it take?

An order this size usually takes only 1-3 days for delivery. You'll get a delivery window estimate when you check out as well.

I don't know where these 50 fans just came from, how did that happen?

No password is required to get more IG fans, so anyone could have bought them for you. Maybe a friend or fan thought you should be getting more reliable attention. You can also purchase fans for other accounts.
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