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I am a social media marketer and I strongly recommend anyone in the business to buy 400 IG followers from this website. This cheap service is my go-to source for real, premium quality fans that I get for the accounts that I manage.
My clients benefit from the best possible delivery, and only the guys here can guarantee it. If you want to boost your popularity on Instagram, you must include this small investment to make sure that people will discover your profile and follow you in the long run.


As a beginner, I struggled to attract subscribers to my IG. Thanks to my friend who advised me to purchase 400 real Instagram followers. This service helped me to grow my audience and attract more orders to my shop!


I recommend this service to anyone struggling to get more active followers for their Instagram account. I used to wonder how others would have thousands of people following them, and only a few dozen users following my account until I discovered this amazing service. Thank you for showing me the way and increasing my audience!


If you look for cheap and instant site, you have just found it! I wanted to buy 400 followers on Instagram, and it was important for me that the service provided real people, not just bots! Don't be afraid to be banned, not with this site! XOXO

What are the options when you need 400 IG followers fast?

A lot of people find it hard to grow their Insta account organically today. The website’s algorithms increase visibility for uses who already have a lot of fans, so the best way around this problem is to buy 400 Instagram followers. You’ll get real users, not bots or fake accounts, and improve your reach. Plus viewers will see that you already have a lot of fans, and will be more interested in following you too.

Why is it worth paying for an audience on Instagram?

There are all sorts of people who have discovered the answer is yes. Here are some common reasons people benefit from buying 400 Instagram followers:

  • Building a personal brand (for a blogger, author, entertainer, coach, etc.)
  • Building a business brand (for a product or service)
  • Building an online audience for an influencer (a person brands pay to post about products)

A simple explanation of how to buy 400 IG fans

Here’s a quick, safe, and cheap way to buy 400 real Instagram followers. Type BuyTopLikes.com into your search bar. When you get to the site, choose “Followers” and select how many you want. Next, a pop up box will request your profile link and credit card number for payment. Either VISA or Mastercard is fine. After your payment is accepted, we’ll send you an email confirmation and your order delivery will begin soon after.

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Where can you find the best deal on 400 IG followers?

BuyTopLikes is your best bet for reliable, authentic users. On our site, all your 400 active fans will be real accounts, so you don’t have to worry about people making fun of your bot subscribers. We also offer non drop or unfollow protection for 30 days, so if anything happens to any of your new fans in that time, we’ll replace them.

What kind of cost does buying 400 fans involve?

Getting 400 followers on Instagram is very cost-effective, with a current price of around $8. (Prices may vary with market conditions, so the sooner you buy, the better.) That buys you genuine fans delivered quickly, and with no password required.

Are there any safety concerns with purchasing 400 fans?

Purchasing IG followers is sometimes risky, because many sites use fake or bot accounts that can cause you issues with Instagram—including account deletion. However, this is not an issue with BuyTopLikes because we only have legit users, so you can safely buy an audience without losing the account you’ve worked so hard to build.

Tips for getting 400 IG friends

Building a following for Instagram is always hard work, but with the purchase of targeted users, it can be easier. When you get this boost in audience, IG’s algorithms will show your content to more viewers, so be ready to keep people engaged.

Look at your competition—successful users in the niche you’ve picked. For example, if you’re a food blogger, note what other foodies do on IG—how they stage food pics, what questions they ask, what else they write in their text, what hashtags they use. This will help you optimize your quality content, so you can gain the most organic followers as a result of increasing your numbers by 400.


What if IG deletes my account for purchasing 400 followers?

Not as long as they're real accounts. Insta doesn't forbid paid fans, but they will delete fake or bot accounts—and the accounts that pay for them. You can avoid this problem by getting your subscribers from BuyTopLikes.com.

Will buying more fans be good for business?

Yes. People in many lines of work find that an instant boost in their Instagram social base helps get more eyes on their content, from entertaining posts to info about products or services. Influencers also find that gain in numbers can be used to increase their value to brands who want product placement.

Are my four hundred followers going to be from one country?

No, like the general audience for Insta, our users are all over the world. You'll have a global audience from the USA to Australia to India, and many more countries in between, including Nigeria, Canada, and the UK.

If I buy 400 subscribers, when will I get them?

This is a really fast service to get more IG followers, with an estimated completion time of 1-5 days. Delivery is staggered to look more natural, so they won't all show up at once. Please wait until the end of the five-day period before contacting customer service if you think you haven't gotten the full amount. If it has been more than 5 days and you didn't get all of them, please write to support@buytoplikes.com, and we'll be happy to help.
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