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To get the best out of Instagram, you need to figure out different ways to make it count. Whether you are a beginner or expert in IG marketing, nothing beats getting as many instant friends at once as possible. I choose to buy 3000 Instagram followers from these guys! This helped me a lot in increasing the recognition of my business.


A friend once asked me what I think his decision to buy 3k ig followers. I was still new on Instagram and didn’t have an answer then. But after trying it out for cheap price, I realized there was so much I was missing. It is the best and easiest way through which one can grow their Instagram account. I really want to thank this quality service.


This service helped me upgrade my business on Instagram. It more than doubled my number of active followers in just a few hours and got more people talking about my account than ever before at an affordable cost. This has to be one of the best ways to raise brand awareness on social media quickly and efficiently. Thank you for your help!

Purchasing Tree Thousand IG Followers: How it works?

Instagrammers often wonder what will happen if they buy 3000 Instagram followers. It can be hard to grow an organic audience, considering IG’s focus on accounts that already have large followings. Because of this, buying 3000 active, real users is often the best way to get your content seen and gain authentic fans.

Getting 3000 cheap IG fans: Why it’s worth it?

Another question people often ask is if it’s worth it to buy 3000 real Instagram followers? The answer is yes, for a wide array of different people, such as:

  • Fitness personalities and coaches. The more IG friends they have, the better their fitness program appears to viewers.
  • Influencers. Buying 3000 Instagram followers is a big help to influencers, because the bigger their audience, the more valuable they are to brands who might hire them.
  • Bloggers and writers. Just where do they get so many fans for photos of their travels or cooking mishaps? Many of them have discovered they can boost their genuine followers by purchasing some.
  • Business owners. They’ve learned that increasing their online audience means more eyes on their posts about products and services.

What are the steps on how to buy 3000 real users?

Adding 3000 followers on Instagram only takes a few minutes. Let’s get started:

  • Find your way to BuyTopLikes.com.
  • Choose the option for “followers” and select the package for 3000.
  • When the box pops up, enter your profile link (no password necessary).
  • Then type in your credit card number for payment (American Express, Discover, VISA or Mastercard). Also, Apple and Google Pay are available.
  • Once payment has gone through, we’ll email you confirmation.
  • Order delivery should take place over 3-9 days.

Why should I go to BuyTopLikes instead of another site for IG fans?

Because BuyTopLikes is dedicated to quality. Our users are all real, active, safe accounts, not obvious bot or fake accounts. You won’t be embarrassed by the following you purchase from us. Also, we have 30-day unfollow protection—if any of your follows disappear in that period, we will replace them for you.

How much do you have to pay for 3000 Instagram followers?

This is a very cost-effective package, with 3000 users currently available for $46.19. This price works out to roughly one penny per account. Prices are subject to change, so if you’re interested, now is a great time to buy.

Should you have safety concerns about getting IG fans this way?

Not with BuyTopLikes. The key is our real users. Insta has no policy against paid, legit followers. But bot farms and fakes have wreaked havoc on their site, so they delete these as soon as they identify them. People who buy from cheap sites sometimes end up with a lot of fake follows—which promptly disappear as their accounts get deleted. With BuyTopLikes, you can get an instant audience without losing a large chunk due to the latest bot purge.

Tips on why 3000 is a good number of Instagram followers

This is an ideal amount for hitting a zero goal—as in, adding another zero to your follower count. Need to reach 10,000 or 100,000? We’ve got you covered. It’s also a great way to supercharge your content views and increase organic growth no matter what your number is. 3000 is enough to make IG’s algorithms sit up and take notice of your account and content, helping more engaged viewers find them.


What if Insta bans me for buying fast fans?

You may have heard about this happening to other people who purchase targeted followers. Fortunately, that only happens when you buy a lot of fake fans, which may happen on other websites. Not only does IG delete those accounts, but they also sometimes delete and ban people for buying a bunch of bot subscribers. Because BuyTopLikes has 100% real, reliable followers, it really is the best place to get yourself an audience.

I'm thinking of paying for 3000 followers for business, is that a good idea?

Yes, getting 3000 fans for Instagram is great for work purposes. You can show people how popular your store or other business is, as well as attract more organic fans to your Insta. The boost in visibility for your social content means more people can enjoy your product pictures, service stories, or funny videos you post to promote your business.

Where do these 3k subscribers come from?

To best serve our clients, we have real users on all the continents. This includes countries where Insta is very popular, like the UK, the USA, Australia, Nigeria, Canada, and India, plus dozens of others.
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