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Michele Brewer

Every time I post a video, I get like 20-50 views. This time, I decided to change the game and buy some views! I was choosing among various packages but decided to go for 300 views. This number will be enough to promote my vids. The purchase process was super easy & safe, nobody asked me for a password or any other private stuff. Definitely recommend!


Do you want your content to be finally recognized? Buy some views! Buying real views was the best decision I have ever made on the Internet. Every time I post a video, I buy 300 views, which boosts my traffic so greatly! I think that I will try even bigger packages in the future because it really works, guys!

River Watson

Views, likes, and all this staff..people go crazy about that. So do I :) When I created an Insta account, I did not realize the importance of feedback. But now I do, so why not buy some views? The package of 300 views was the first I tried, and it appeared really convenient, cheap, and effective. I like this service so much!

Who should buy 300 Instagram video views and how does that work?

You should buy 300 Instagram video views any time you need help getting more impressions. This is especially difficult for new or small IG accounts. The site uses an algorithm for deciding what videos to put in people’s feeds, and it favors content that’s already popular. And let’s face it, your friends and family are probably tired of you begging them to watch every new video you make. Maybe they say they watched it…but the hits counter never moves…

There’s a better way! Our service can deliver instant results from real users, and you don’t have to beg them. This service is popular with a wide variety of people who need more eyes on their posts:

  • Bloggers and writers
  • Actors, singers, musicians, comedians, dance acts, bands, athletes, and others building a public profile
  • New or small businesses
  • Entrepreneurs or business leaders or coaches
  • Fitness gurus or coaches
  • Anyone trying to get more watchers but feeling lost in the crowded sea of videos on Insta

How easy is it to buy 300 video views on Instagram?

Buying cheap hits is super easy and should take only a couple minutes. Just follow these steps:

  • Visit BuyTopLikes.com and choose the options for Views.
  • Select the number you want (300).
  • Next you’ll copy and paste a link to the video or videos (you can divide hits over two or more posts).
  • After that, we’ll ask for your email address so we can send you an order confirmation. We don’t ask for any personal or sensitive info, and your order is totally confidential.
  • You’ll enter your payment info, using a credit card or Google or Apple Pay. There’s no need to use PayPal.
  • Once your payment method goes through, we’ll send you that email to confirm, and delivery will start right away, with a gradual increase in numbers as new, real users come online. This follows a natural pattern of viewing that will appear organic to anyone who happens to be watching your account.
  • In most cases, delivery is complete within a few hours.

Where can you buy 300 IG hits and why should you use BuyTopLikes.com?

Our site is the best solution when you want to acquire 300 views for Instagram fast. It’s safe, easy, and private. Getting 300 more watchers boosts your video’s position with the site’s algorithms, allowing more people to see it in their feed. Then more viewers will have the opportunity to engage with your post and follow you. Unlike other services, we only have real, active users, so you never have to worry about getting caught in an Insta bot purge.

What is the price to get 300 watchers on Instagram?

Prices do change from time to time with economic realities, but BuyTopLikes.com always offers the cheapest prices for video viewing on Insta. At the moment, you can purchase 300 views on Instagram for less than $2. These watchers are all real users, never fake or bot accounts.

What is the safest way to buy 300 Instagram video hits?

Our service is the safest platform when you want to get 300 views. Not everyone knows this, but IG doesn’t really care if you buy hits. Seriously! They do, however, hate having bots overrun their site, so they ban bots. And they ban people who have a lot of views from these fakers, because they believe you’re encouraging the bot farms to swarm their site. This is why some people get banned after buying cheap Instagram views. Because BuyTopLikes.com only uses real accounts, you will never have to worry about Insta punishing your profile.

What are some helpful suggestions for buying 300 IG video views?

You can use your paid hits to promote your best, high quality content. Or buy some whenever you have a new post that needs some love. If you’re a business, you can divide hits between entertaining and promotional content, so you get more viewers for both.


Can I buy 300 watchers on a private account?

No, when you pay for viewing you should ensure that every real viewer can actually find and view your posts. Make your profile public before ordering, then you can change it back to private after your order has been completely fulfilled.

Can buying Insta video views get me kicked off Instagram?

No, not if you use BuyTopLikes.com exclusively. Because we only utilize real user accounts, IG has no reason to care how you got 300 more viewers. They only go after bot or fake accounts, or people who have a lot of hits from these fakes.

Should I give my password for buying 300 Instagram video views?

No. If someone is asking for your password to sell you hits, you're on the wrong site. Get out of there and go to BuyTopLikes.com. We never ask for sensitive info, and you should never give out your password online.
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