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This is the third time this week that I buy 300 Instagram followers for my account. I absolutely love this service because it saves me time and money on other marketing strategies. All I need to do is pay for the order and watch the followers grow in numbers on my profile. It is a very satisfying image, especially for someone who used to spend several hours per day just to convince one or two users to follow their page. Thanks a bunch!


Over the years of using Instagram, I've tried a lot of promotional services. And one thing is clear: getting a service that gives you real followers is not easy. So when you find a place like this to buy 300 real Instagram followers, you have a real opportunity to grow. These guys provide the best service for the best price and I'm happy to recommend it to you!


I had an Instagram account for almost three years before I realized that I could actually buy my followers instead of waiting forever for them to come to me. This service makes it all quick and possible. I love it! Now, with so many active people following me, I can try to sell some of my handmade jewelry through my channel.

What happens if you purchase 300 IG followers?

What happens when you buy 300 Instagram followers is taking a shortcut through a system of algorithms designed to benefit the accounts that already have more fans. Often new accounts struggle to get any traction because of this issue. With BuyTopLikes, you get real users, not bots or fakes, and this helps get your content seen by more people. In turn, this leads to more genuine follows.

What makes 300 Instagram friends worth the effort?

Gathering 300 real IG followers organically can be difficult and frustrating. Buying them allows you to get instant, legit users to help you build a following for business or your personal brand. Bloggers, authors, entertainers of all kinds, travel and food experts, coaches, and small business owners all benefit from getting 300 active fans and improving their online audience reach. Influencers can use their rapidly growing account size to increase their value to brands.

Remember these simple steps on how to buy 300 IG fans

This is the simple solution for buying 300 Instagram followers:

  • Go to BuyTopLikes.com and choose the button for “followers.”
  • Pick out the package for three hundred.
  • Enter the Insta profile you want to buy 300 real Instagram followers for (no password needed) into the field.
  • Then you’ll add your credit card info for payment (VISA or Mastercard, American Express and Discover are currently accepted). We accept Google and Apple Pay as well.
  • When the payment goes through, we’ll email you an order confirmation.
  • Delivery will begin soon after, and you’ll be given a time frame for completion.

Why should you go to BuyTopLikes for your audience needs?

On our website, you get only authentic users, never any fake accounts. Sometimes people will buy 300 followers on Instagram from a sketchy site, where many of the accounts are fake or run by bot farms. Often these “fans” will disappear when IG finds and deletes their account. You don’t want to take this risk with your social strategy. BuyTopLikes allows you to get organic IG followers without losing them unexpectedly.

What is the cost of 300 subscribers for Instagram?

Right now 300 users cost $6.59. (Please note that prices are subject to change.) This comes out to pennies per user, and costs about as much as a fancy mocha at your favorite coffee shop. For this price, you not only grow with all authentic users, you also get 30-day unfollow protection, so if you lose any fans in this period, we’ll replace them free of charge.

So does that make it safe to pay for 300 Instagram followers from BuyTopLikes?

Yes, we protect your account and interests in several ways. Our payment portal is secure and your purchase confidential. Since our users are all real, no one can tell that you paid for fans, and IG will not have any reason to take issue with your account. BuyTopLikes is the best place to get safe users.

Suggestions on how to improve the use of 300 IG users

Once you get a fast boost in visibility from your increase in active followers, you’ll want to really push your best, high quality content to keep them engaged. You can use various reliable apps to schedule posts to go out each day, or several times a day. Some apps will recommend the best times to schedule posts for maximum reach and engagement. Try different kinds of content to see what works best. Animals, food, and humorous pictures or videos tend to do well.


I've heard Insta can ban or delete my account for purchasing 300 fans, is that true?

Only in specific situations. IG's own terms and conditions don't forbid users from paying for more Instagram fans, but they do forbid fake accounts. So Insta will ban or delete accounts that have large numbers of automated accounts following them, regardless of whether the bots were paid or not. Sometimes people buy from cheap sites that use a lot of fakes, and find that IG punishes their account. However, this won't happen with BuyTopLikes because we only have real users.

If I purchase 300 Instagram users, when will I get them?

You'll get an estimate when you place your order, but delivery of a package this size usually takes 1-5 days. Often your first fans will show up within an hour or two, but delivery is staggered over a few days so your growth appears more natural.

Can I pick what country I gain three hundred followers from?

No, because our targeted users are from every country Insta is in. This is a good thing, as most people have fans in different countries, and many brands who hire influencers want to reach a global audience. Some countries where we have a lot of users include the USA, Australia, the UK, India, Nigeria, and Canada.

What if I have a problem with my order?

We're always here to help. Please contact customer service at support@buytoplikes.com, and we'll be happy to address your issue.
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