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This site is the only website that sells real, high-quality followers. I buy 200 followers Instagram every week for my business account, and I am never disappointed. Not only has this service increased my audience, but it also enhanced my sales. More and more people enquire about my company every time I receive these new users. I used to get all of my fans from other websites, but I was never satisfied with their delivery. From now on, you have won yourself a loyal customer!


When it comes to getting the best out of IG, you need to figure out different ways to make it count. Whether you are a beginner or expert in Instagram marketing, nothing beats getting as many friends at once as possible. I choose to buy 200 real IG followers from these guys! This helped me a lot in increasing the recognition of my business.


This is a great pack of Instagram followers to purchase! Not too small, not too big, but perfect for increasing your audience on the platform quickly and with high-quality accounts. I buy it every week for almost two months now, and it has done wonders for my profile. Thank you for your great and innovative service!

What should you consider if you need 200 Instagram followers?

Often people want a few hundred new IG fans to meet a goal, such as 1k or 2k friends, improving their online audience reach by a percentage, etc. Because it is difficult to grow organically with the website’s current algorithms, many find the best way to get there is to buy 200 Instagram followers. Make sure you buy from BuyTopLikes, because all our users are genuine, authentic accounts, not fakes or bots.

What is the worth of 200 active IG fans?

An increase of 200 real IG followers can help you in several ways:

  • It shows potential friends that you’re already growing in popularity, which actually improves the odds that others will follow you organically.
  • The increase also tells Insta your posts are popular, and their algorithms promote accounts that already have more IG fans.
  • It gives influencers a chance to show brands how big of an audience they have, or how quickly it’s growing, which speaks to their account’s value.
  • Bloggers, entertainers, coaches, and people who run businesses in all kinds of industries are buying 200 Instagram followers to promote their product, service, or personal brand.

These fast steps show you how to buy cheap Instagram subscribers

It won’t take long to purchase more IG followers:

  • First, go to BuyTopLikes.com.
  • Choose the “followers” button at the top of the screen and click on it.
  • Pick the selection for 200.
  • Next, you’ll see a pop up menu asking for your profile link.
  • After you input your link, enter credit card info for payment — VISA or Mastercard, American Express or Discover is fine. Google Pay and Apple Pay is an additional option for your security.
  • Following payment completion, you’ll get a confirmation email.
  • New, reliable fans should arrive over 1-4 days.

Why should I trust BuyTopLikes with my IG audience needs?

Our site uses only real, engaged accounts, so your 200 followers on Instagram won’t look like a bunch of fakes. This way you can gain quality fans for Instagram without losing credibility. We also guarantee 30-day unfollow protection, so if any of your follows disappear within that time, we’ll replace them for you. If this or any other issue occurs, you can contact customer service at support@buytoplikes.com and we’ll take care of it.

Is there a high cost for 200 Instagram fans?

The price for 200 legit users is currently only $5.49, so you can expand your reach for less than $6. For that cheap price, you will buy 200 real Instagram followers, and your order is confidential. Delivery is staggered over 1-4 days so your growth appears natural.

How do I know it’s safe to acquire 200 IG followers this way?

Sometimes people are worried they will get in trouble with Insta if they pay for fans. Truthfully, IG doesn’t have a problem with paid subscribers. They do have a big headache from bot farms and fake accounts cluttering up their site, so they delete these whenever they’re identified. Sometimes they also ban people who they think are paying for a bunch of bot followers. Because BuyTopLikes only has real, targeted users, there is no risk to you or your account.

Use these tips for purchasing 200 fans

Two hundred is a good amount to use to reach your next goal, or give your social account the boost it needs to attract more organic followers. Your instant improvement can be great for business if you use it properly. After you get 200 active Instagram followers, try running a promo or contest for your business or brand. You can ask viewers to comment or heart photos for a chance to win, run trivia questions with pictures, or start a hashtag campaign. These are great ways to benefit from your improved organic growth.


I've heard buying followers on IG is cheating, is that true?

No. It's not even against Insta's own rules, as long as your two hundred paid subscribers are real accounts. Due to the fact that their own algorithms show more content from popular accounts, buying fans can be the only way to get established on the site, unless you have a huge following elsewhere. Allowing the system to bury content because you struggled to grow your following would be a much more unfair situation.

Where do these 200 real subscribers come from?

Everywhere. Like Instagram, we have users from every continent. Some popular countries for the site include the USA, the UK, Nigeria, Canada, Australia, India, and many others.

Do I have to enter my IG password?

No password is needed for our service to work. In fact, you can buy fans for any account, whether it's yours or not. Some people think buying fans is a really fun gift to give one of their friends.
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