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Aaron Austin

I wasn't excited about buying 20 followers for IG, because I was afraid that my account will be banned. But my friend told me about this website, and assured me that everything will be fine. I tried it out and loved it! The cost is cheap, delivery is instant!! Love the quality service these guys offer!❤️❤️❤️

Mark Freeman

I buy twenty Instagram friends and I can't believe how real the service is for people just getting a start blogging. My connections grew on IG and I received more active responses from followers. The targeted likes of the service is high quality and good for anyone that needs to grow a website. I love it!

George Wagner

When you pay for real IG followers you get legit results!! The purchasing power BuyTopLikes.com presents you with is outstanding as you have many different options. I like the 20 fans purchase because it is super affordable and presents a nice overnight boost. My results are already looking up!!

What’s a good way to get cheap & active 20 Instagram friends?

It can be hard to grow an online audience these days, with so many active users on IG posting content every minute. So if you’re having a hard time getting fans, it can be a great idea to buy 20 Instagram followers. The service is very fast, with real users following your account within 24 hours.

Why should you spend the money to buy 20 followers on IG?

Insta is both a great place to get attention for yourself or your work, and a really difficult place to get attention. Currently, the site has around 112 million users in the USA alone (and nearly 90 percent of users are outside the USA). With all those people on the site, it’s hard for a new account to grow. This is why it can help to buy 20 real Instagram followers, especially if you are trying to build an audience—like bloggers, writers, entertainers, and business owners. Users are more likely to follow people who already have fans, and the site’s algorithms boost accounts with more subscribers.

What is the process of paying for 20 IG fans right now?

Buying 20 Instagram followers is a cheap, fast process:

  • Start at BuyTopLikes.com and click on the tab at the top that says “Followers.”
  • Pick the package you want, then you’ll be prompted to enter your Insta profile link. There is no password required, but you will need to keep your account set to open until delivery is complete.
  • You’ll enter a credit card number (VISA or Mastercard, Discover or AmEx, Google and Apple Pay) for payment.
  • Then you’ll get an email confirmation as soon as it goes through. Your fans should arrive within 1-2 days.

Is our site the best place to purchase 20 IG fans?

All your 20 IG followers will be real accounts. Some people who buy from other sites have bots or fake accounts following them. This can be problematic, especially if you’re trying to grow a business or influencer following. Brands who work with social influencers might notice that your most recent 20 followers on Instagram all look like fake accounts.

How much do you have to pay for 20?

This is a great deal. You get 20 IG followers for a little less than $2—that’s less than a dime per hit, easily worth the cost. For that price, your fans are all real and you get great customer service.

Is it safe to buy 20 followers for Instagram?

If you use our service, it’s perfectly safe because of our real, active subscribers. Other sites are not so safe as they may use bot or fake accounts. IG works continuously to get rid of these faux users, so you may lose them unexpectedly. In some cases, the site even punishes users if it believes they bought bot fans. (They don’t care if you pay real people to follow you.) Because all our users are real, you never have to worry about those problems.

What are some suggestions for how to buy twenty active friends?

You may want to add more IG fans before a big event, or if you’re reaching out to brands as an influencer. Some people have small accounts and want to buy more than 20 new users, but also want their growth to look authentic. If your account is new, buying 20 at a time can help you grow in a way that doesn’t seem strange to anyone watching your account. You can purchase another twenty in a few days, or next week, and then repeat. This way it looks like you are gradually growing a reliable following, which will allow you to gain organic fans.


Should I purchase 20 Instagram followers for business?

Yes, this service is a great solution. Today almost every company can benefit from having more of an audience than the number of family members and friends you can guilt into following you. If you're an influencer, brands will be looking to work with accounts that have large, engaged audiences.

Is it bad to buy twenty quality followers on Instagram?

No. Sometimes people who had a large following before joining IG, or who joined years ago when the website was less busy, will make fun of people who pay for fans. But they had a much easier time growing naturally than a new, unknown person just starting on the site now. Today, most people who aren't already famous do need help when they get started. Also, you do not have to tell anyone that you paid for an instant, targeted increase, and since the accounts are real, no one will be able to tell.

When you pay for 20 Instagram friends do they unfollow?

BuyTopLikes offers 30-day unfollow protection. Any followers that disappear in that period will be replaced, so you can purchase some without losing them right away. If you notice any have disappeared during this time, simply contact support@buytoplikes.com, and we'll take care of it. After 30 days, you will already have gained more genuine fans from the initial boost.

Where will my audience be from?

Insta has a global reach and our users reflect that. You'll have fans from many countries, including the USA, the UK, India, Nigeria, Canada, Australia and many others.

When you order 20 followers how long does it take?

For this amount of legit followers, your delivery should be complete within 2 days. If you make a larger order in the future, this may take a little longer.
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