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I decided to buy 15000 Instagram followers for my girlfriend’s account after she complained that she could not attract a large audience. I was surprised to see how well it works and how quickly she got them. Now, I am thinking to buy the same pack for my account, too.


If there is one thing I will do all over again is to buy 15k Insta fans. I did a few months ago, and I would still do it given that I have seen the results of such an investment. As a business person, there is every reason to promote your products on Instagram. We have millions of users online but you can only reach them by having enough followers.


Quick service, high-quality followers! This is my initial impression after making my first purchase here. It seems that the people managing it are very professional and know exactly what you need to increase your Instagram following. They now have in me a trustful and loyal customer. Thank you and keep it up!

What happens when you buy 15000 Instagram followers and how does that work?

This is a great way to give your social prowess an instant boost. It’s hard to gain organic growth when Insta focuses on already-popular accounts, so the best way to go ahead is to purchase 15,000 IG fans. You want to make sure these are real, active users, not embarrassing bot farms, so always get your online audience needs taken care of at BuyTopLikes.com.

Why is it worth purchasing 15k followers on Instagram and what are the benefits?

Many Insta users have learned the value of adding more IG friends — increased visibility, more organic growth, and more value to brands who hire influencers. Here are some examples of people who may benefit from purchasing subscribers:

  • Authors and bloggers. Got a new book or blog series you need to promote? You need an online audience. Guess what? The appearance of having one actually promotes an increase in authentic followers.
  • Coaches and entrepreneurs. You have to show people you’re successful before they’ll pay you to teach them. When you buy 15000 real Instagram followers, you provide social proof of your own success and attract more organic fans.
  • Marketers or people promoting anything—a business, a product, a service, a client.
  • Entertainers—singers, musicians, bands, actors, comedians, mimes, street artists—gaining 15 thousand real friends will help you make a splash in the entertainment industry.

This is how to get another 15000 active fans on IG the easy way

Purchasing more Instagram friends is a cheap, fast way to receive the online attention your carefully curated account deserves. Once you’re at BuyTopLikes.com, just click on “Followers” and select the amount of 15000. The next page asks for the Insta profile link (no password or login info needed) and a credit card number for payment. VISA, Mastercard, Discover and American Express, are accepted. You have an option to pay via Google/Apple Pay as well. After your payment is processed, you’ll receive a confirmation of your order by email with an estimated delivery window.

Why is BuyTopLikes the best site to order targeted Instagram followers?

If you’re investing in 15,000 IG followers, you want to get the best deal for your money—and avoid potential pitfalls. The last thing you want to do is get paid fans for Instagram that are actually fake or bot accounts. These will likely disappear when Instagram deletes their accounts, and can even cause you problems with the site. BuyTopLikes only uses real, reliable accounts so you can invest safely, without losing a large chunk of subscribers unexpectedly, or being embarrassed by bot fans.

What do you have to pay for 15k friends on IG?

For $203.99, this package of 15000 is very cost-effective. That’s just slightly more than one cent per user! The price includes only real users, top-notch customer service, and 30-day unfollow protection.

So are there any safety concerns with buying 15000 Instagram followers this way?

Because our users are all genuine, they are perfectly safe. When people have bad experiences with purchasing fans, it’s usually because they bought some fake follows. Not only does this end up looking bad, but it can also get you in hot water with IG. They go to a lot of trouble to give bots the boot, and if they think you’re making their job harder by buying a bunch of bot followers, they could delete and even ban your account. Don’t take that risk with the quality account you’ve built—only trust BuyTopLikes to provide real users.

What are some suggestions for utilizing 15,000 legit fans?

If you’re using the account for business or to promote a personal brand, as many people are, you want to make sure you have a consistent brand image and the growth of following. Go through your old content and see if anything doesn’t fit with your brand.
Also, figure out which of your posts viewers engaged with the most. You will want to try to have more quality content like this in the future. Also analyze the hashtags used on your most popular posts, as these may be clues what your audience wants. Then you’ll be ready to grow your account even more when you get an instant increase in attention from your 15000 new followers you are ready to buy.


Is it really illegal to purchase fifteen thousand IG followers?

No, it's not against the law. However, private companies like Insta can make their own rules about what users can and can't do on their site. It turns out, they don't mind if you buy friends, just so long as they're real—never purchase fake fans. BuyTopLikes has only real followers.

What are the benefits of paying for 15k Instagram users for business?

This is a good idea in many ways. It shows people you have a serious following, and most Instagrammers like to follow the latest big thing. There's a snowball effect where you gain more fans and it leads to even more organic follows. The increase also tells IG's algorithms to show more of your content to viewers, so your product or service stories have a chance to get seen.

What countries can I buy Instagram followers in?

All of them, as long as you can get to the internet and your account is open/unlocked. Followers are also from many different countries, including the USA, Australia, the UK, Nigeria, Canada, India, and many more.
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