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I have an IG account for my dog, and I often post pictures and videos of his crazy games. Recently, a co-worker recommended that I use this service to boost the popularity of my dog’s account even more. I decided to buy 1500 real Instagram fans and they worked like magic. They even attracted more people! I want to thank you for all your support and your amazing service!


This is my first time buying Instagram followers, but after seeing how easy it works, it will surely not be the last time either. I received my order almost instantly after making the payment, which was ridiculously affordable by the way, and I am delighted with it. I will come back soon to order more, maybe even a larger pack.


As an experienced IG manager, I fully recommend this pack to anyone who wants to give a boost to their accounts. I have been on the network for almost 7 years now, and every time I start new account I also buy 1500 Instagram followers to bump its popularity from the start. I also do this for other accounts as well. My girlfriend’s account and her cat’s special profile also receive this treatment, and they are quite popular. Get it now! You won’t regret it!


I get sick and tired of doing everything in my power to remind people 'don't unfollow'. Regardless, it happens and it makes IG frustrating. Thankfully, buying 1500 real followers builds credibility without losing the gathering you've already built. No doubt IMO the best site to purchase cheap and real IG friends.

What are the merits of buying 1500 Instagram followers and how would that work?

People spend a lot of time searching for advice on growing their Insta account, and there are some good tips out there about creating quality content, etc. But in order to increase your social audience, you need viewers to find you, and for that, it helps immensely if you buy 1500 friends. Yes, purchasing real users—which we use exclusively at BuyTopLikes.com—can actually help you gain authentic fans as well.

How does purchasing 1500 active IG followers work for businesses, and why is it worth it?

A lot of people want to know how purchasing Instagram fans can help them build a genuine online audience. Here’s how it works:

  • IG favors content of creators with large followings, making it hard to build a large following if you’re not already a huge celebrity.
  • When you purchase 1,500 users, it helps you take a shortcut through the maze of unseen content and find your own targeted subscribers.

People who do well with this package include bloggers and writers, travel or food enthusiasts, entertainers like singers and comedians, small business owners, and influencers.

Easy instructions on how to order 1500 fans on Instagram

This is the best way to buy 1500 Instagram followers:

  • Go to BuyTopLikes.com and click the button for “followers.
  • Pick the package for 1500.
  • The pop up box will direct you to enter your Insta profile (no password needed), then add a credit card number for payment. We accept VISA and Mastercard, American Express and Discover, currently. Also, NFC methods such as Google Pay and Apple Pay are accepted.
  • You’ll get confirmation by email when payment goes through, letting you know when you can expect your order delivery to be complete.

Are there better websites than BuyTopLikes.com to get 1500 fans from?

BuyTopLikes is the best site to grow more Instagram subscribers. All users are real, so you never have to deal with the presence of embarrassing bot followers. Our customer service department stands by our services and is happy to help with any difficulties. We also offer 30-day unfollow protection.

What is the cost to buy 1,500 real Instagram followers?

Currently, you can purchase 1500 paid friends for less than $30. This is a good price that includes only real users, plus quick and confidential delivery through our secure payment portal.

So how safe is it to get instant users on IG?

Thanks to our real users, BuyTopLikes is a very safe place to order one thousand and fifty hundred followers on Instagram. IG likes to seek and destroy bot accounts, so buying from cheap sites can be like playing a video game where all your weapons keep disappearing for no reason. Fake subscribers can disappear as fast as you can pay for their service. But because our users are all real accounts, this won’t happen with us.

What are some ideas for the 1500 followers package?

Paying for 1500 new IG followers is a good way to reach your next thousand goals — 5000, 1000, 15000, etc. It’s always fun to celebrate with engaged fans. Have a contest or giveaway post to celebrate getting to your latest milestone. This will encourage more people — from the USA to India to Australia to Canada to Nigeria to the UK — to follow you, at a time when the site’s algorithms will finally be showing your content to more viewers.


I heard I can get banned from Instagram for hiring followers, is this really true?

No, but purchasing the wrong fans will get you banned. Specifically, purchasing fake followers is a recipe for disaster. Not only does Insta root out the bots themselves, but they also like to delete or ban users who pay for these fakes, as a way to prevent future problems. You can buy legit followers from BuyTopLikes without losing the account status you've worked so hard to gain.

What are the reasons to buy 1500 IG fans for business?

There are several reasons for buying 1,500 Instagram followers for your work. You can improve your company's following, and show potential clients how many fans you have. This is an especially good idea for influencers, whose clients want a big audience for their products. You can also buy 1500 targeted users before big events where your account will get more scrutiny, so you can look like you're already successful. Meanwhile, you'll get a boost in organic viewers seeing your account.

How fast can I get my 1500 fans on Instagram?

This package takes 3-8 days for delivery completion, although some of your reliable users will arrive sooner. We deliver over a few days so your growth looks more organic.
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