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I am a novice designer and I really needed an audience to understand whether I was moving in the right direction. For several months I tried to attract users and new friends, but things were somehow not very successful. To be honest, I almost gave up. Then the girl came to the rescue. She ordered 10000 followers for me on your site. It was an unexpected surprise, and it was exactly what I missed so much. I gained experience, confidence, and a lot of inspiration. I plan to become your regular customer ;)


I have a friend-photographer and he puts his work in the Instagram-profile, but he has very poor activity. My friend decided to advise him on your service, although I also advised him to you, but he didn’t listen to me. He bought 10,000 IG followers and it is really works. And, as far as I know, he was very pleased!


I decided to run a blog about my tarantula, but since I didn’t have an audience, I decided to purchase 10k followers from you. I stayed in pleasant impressions of your services! I hope soon many people will learn a little more about these creatures and change their attitude to them.)

What can you do to buy 10000 Instagram followers when it seems hopeless?

A lot of people feel frustrated when it comes to gaining a following on IG, because the website’s own algorithms favor accounts that already have a lot of fans. For many people, the solution is to get 10000 IG fans. These are real users, not tacky bot accounts, and buying 10000 authentic fans is a great way to boost your standing with Insta’s algorithms and also grow organically.

So is it really worth purchasing these 10k genuine users?

Absolutely. Here are some reasons why:

  • If you’ve seen other people getting tons of likes on average-looking posts, but no one even sees your high quality content, you will definitely benefit if you buy 10000 real Instagram followers.
  • Your IG subscribers will show viewers how popular you are, and being social creatures, many people will be more inclined to follow you.
  • This snowball effect gives you a cheap, fast way to increase your online fans.

Some simple steps on how to buy 10000 IG friends

With BuyTopLikes, buying 10000 Instagram followers couldn’t be easier. Just go to our website, choose “followers” at the top, and pick the corresponding package for 10k. Go ahead and enter your profile link, then add your credit card number for payment—either VISA or Mastercard. Don’t worry, you don’t have to log into your account and there is no password necessary. You’ll get confirmation of your order by email, and your fans should start arriving at the specified time.

BuyTopLikes: The best place to get 10000 IG followers

You may have heard of other sites with the option of paying for subscribers, but remember, BuyTopLikes is the best site to gain 10000 followers on Instagram. Why? Because we only have real followers, so your account isn’t at risk from IG’s frequent bot activity purges. We also offer various packages for your changing needs, and our customer service team is always ready to help you buy more Instagram subscribers.

Purchasing followers for Instagram: A low-cost solution for business and personal branding

You can currently get 10000 instant paid users for only $131.99. Prices are subject to change, so now is a great time to buy. For that price, all 10000 followers are legit users you can be proud to call your fans.

How safe is it to purchase 10000 active fans?

It depends on how you do it. With BuyTopLikes, your transaction is secure and your account safe, because we only have real, reliable users. Insta doesn’t actually care if your followers are paid, as long as they’re not fake accounts. Buyers sometimes get into trouble if they go to a website with a bot farm, because IG is constantly rooting out fakes and deleting accounts that purchase them. Fortunately, with BuyTopLikes you can get fans without losing sleep over this.

What are some ideal ways to use thousands of fans?

10000 puts you at a good level where you can put your targeted audience to work for you. Start marketing yourself as an influencer with a large audience. If you’re an entertainer or businessperson, you can use your Insta account as social proof that you or your product have lots of engaged fans.


I've heard it's unfair or cheating to pay for subscribers for Instagram, is that true?

Right now, accounts with huge followings get all the Insta love, while few people ever see your account or pictures. Does that seem fair? The fact is that IG's own algorithms create an unfair environment for anyone who doesn't buy fans. You don't have to tell anyone you paid for followers, but your account will get the benefit as you reach more people and increase organic growth.

Does it matter what country I order from?

No, Insta has subscribers in hundreds of countries, including the USA, the UK, Canada, Nigeria, Australia, and India, among others. You may order from anywhere, just make sure your account is set to open until delivery is complete.

What if some of the 10000 unfollow?

This is another thing that often happens with unreliable sites, but BuyTopLikes offers 30-day unfollow protection. If any of your new fans get lost in that period, we'll replace them. Just write to support@buytoplikes.com and let us know, and we'll take care of it.

When you buy a package of 10k, how long does it take to arrive?

The package of 10000 has a delivery time of 5-15 days. You may get a more specific estimate when you check out.

Can people find out about my purchase?

No. Your transaction is confidential and our payment portal secure. Since your subscribers are all real accounts, no one will know unless you tell them.
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