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Getting hundred Instagram followers was not an easy thing to do. I had to go through a lot of difficulties when attracting new friends. However, they provided an excellent assistance for me to overcome those struggles. This is the best service for buying friends I got and I highly recommend.


Am an ecommerce seller looking for converting leads from social media platforms like IG. I had made some progress but I needed to boost my Instagram account with some more followers to increase organic exposure, views and reach for my website through posts. The 100 followers I got here are good and has given good impression. This service is highly recommended.


This order for me, marks a start of a new Instagram account to promote local and upcoming musicians in South America and Mexico. I ordered this package to boost my business and it has been good so far. I got the hundred followers delivered fast and they have transformed my IG promotion job through increased post engagement, reach and popularity. Am happy with this and am definitely recommending this website to friends.

Is it really possible to purchase 100 IG followers?

Yes, and if you’re trying to grow your online audience for business or personal reasons, it can help to buy 100 Instagram followers. With BuyTopLikes, you get real, active accounts, not a bunch of embarrassing bot followers like other sites offer.

What benefits make it worth buying 100 IG fans?

There are many great reasons:

  • If you’ve ever looked at your profile, noticed your number was in the single digits, and cringed, you probably understand the biggest benefit.
  • If you buy 100 real Instagram followers, you instantly have a more robust looking social account.
  • Musicians, singers, bands, actors, comedians, authors and bloggers, businesspeople, influencers—all these people have needed help getting their accounts out of “account no one’s heard of” territory.
  • Your purchase gives you instant credibility and helps encourage genuine fans to follow as well.

What do people need to know about how to buy 100 IG fans?

This is a safe and simple process. Visit BuyTopLikes.com and select “followers” from the menu. Determine how many fans you want and pick the right package for the amount. Then a pop-up box will ask you to enter the profile link and your credit card number for payment (VISA or Mastercard accepted). There is no password required for your IG account. Later you’ll get an email to confirm your buying 100 Instagram followers. Your active fans delivery should start to show up within 1-3 days.

What makes BuyTopLikes the best place to acquire 100 fans?

Your gain of 100 followers on Instagram will be real people, so no one will know you paid for them. The transaction is safe and secure on our encrypted site, and our customer service department is always available to help.

What is the cost of purchasing 100 IG subscribers?

A boost of 100 followers for Instagram can be yours for only $3.79. This very reasonable price includes fast delivery and 100% real accounts.

What makes it safe to purchase IG followers from BuyTopLikes?

Some people are surprised to learn that Insta doesn’t actually forbid paying for follows in their terms and conditions. However, they will delete any fake or bot accounts they find, and that can mean a quick loss of fans for someone who bought from a disreputable site. Worse, IG may decide to ban you and delete your account if they think you paid for a bunch of fake friends. With BuyTopLikes, this is never a problem because you get only authentic accounts.

What are some hints for purchasing targeted fans without losing genuine ones?

100 active followers is a good number for building more Instagram momentum. Your account is out of the single digits and IG’s algorithms should take notice that it’s growing. Make sure you post high-quality content every day so new, legit fans won’t forget about you—it’s easy to become irrelevant in a hurry on this site. Also keep organic viewers engaged by asking them questions, hosting contests, and encouraging discussions.


Will Instagram delete my account if I buy fans?

No, you need to buy a large number of fake accounts or otherwise violate their terms of service before that will happen. With only real accounts at BuyTopLikes, this is not a concern.

When you buy 100 IG followers do they unfollow?

This may happen with cheap sites, but BuyTopLikes offers reliable 30-day unfollow protection. If you lose any follows during this time, they will be replaced. Just contact support@buytoplikes.com for assistance with this.

When you pay for 100 Instagram followers how long does it take?

Your increase should begin showing up within 1-3 days, although you may get a more specific time frame when you check out. Larger orders may take longer.

What countries are my fans from?

Like the overall Insta audience, our subscribers are from all over the world, giving you a new global reach. Some countries with a lot of IG subscribers include Australia, the USA, the UK, India, Nigeria, Canada, and lots of others.

Can I purchase hearts for someone else's account?

Yes, because no password is required upon ordering, you can pay for engagement for a client, colleague, friend, or anyone else who needs it.
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