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How Does it Work When you Buy IGTV Comments?

IGTV is an app that allows users to upload long-form video to Instagram, and having more responses on these videos helps them get seen by more people. We at BuyTopLikes.com have carefully researched, created, and selected replies that are shown to increase organic engagement. These are posted by real users only, no bots allowed. They’re chosen because they both encourage conversation, and also work for almost any IGTV video. For example, “Great!” or “Cool video!” Emojis are also popular. These replies aren’t specialized for your particular video, but will be positive and attract more people to your post. Most people find that the more comments they pay for, the more organic responses they get.

What is the Significance of IGTV Video Comments Purchase for your Account?

When you buy Instagram TV comments, it helps boost your account in several ways:

  • The more replies you have, the more interested your audience will be. People spend more time watching videos that already have a lot going on in the comments section.
  • It’s easier to get likes and views on IGTV videos than replies, because Instagrammers usually only repond to content they’re strongly engaged with.
  • Social proof. The higher the number of responses, the more important your account looks. Viewers are more attracted to popular accounts, and so are businesspeople who want to hire an influencer.
  • The increase in engagement tells IG’s algorithms that your account is growing in popularity, especially since they value replies more than likes. In turn, they show more people your posts so you can gain organic growth.
  • Gaining attention for longer, high quality videos helps you build a highly engaged, loyal audience and grow through word of mouth.

Who Can Benefit From Purchasing Instagram IG TV Comments?

  • Business owners or marketing professionals who work to improve brand recognition and grow an audience.
  • Bloggers or writers who want to increase their popularity, engagement, and stats instantly.
  • Influencers also need to improve these metrics, so they can impress companies looking to hire an influencer.
  • Entertainers trying to go viral or get as many views as possible for their new IGTV videos. The more conversations you have on your posts, the faster you will grow your celebrity following.
  • Anyone who wants instant results and better credibility.

Why is BuyTopLikes.com the Best Place to Buy Comments on IGTV?

Unlike some other sites that sell replies on Instagram, we offer responses only from real, authentic accounts, so you will never be embarrased by bot followers clogging up your feed. We also consistently have some of the cheapest prices for this type of engagement, fast delivery, and top quality customer service.

What are the Instructions to Purchase IGTV Comments?

Buying cheap comments for IGTV videos only takes a few minutes or less and most people see their gradual delivery from real, legit accounts start right away. Here’s what you do:

  • Go to BuyTopLikes.com and select the tab for IGTV replies.
  • Choose the number you want. The more the better!
  • After that, you just have to enter your profile link. There is no password necessary, and we don’t ask for any sensitive info—just your email address so we can send you confirmation of your order.
  • Choose the video or videos to apply the responses to. You can divide them among multiple videos.
  • Next you’ll pay with a credit card (VISA, Discover, AmEx, or Mastercard), or Google or Apple Pay. No Paypal account is needed.
  • You’ll get an email confirming your order, and replies should start showing up within a few minutes.

Is Buying Instagram TV Comments Safe?

As long as you use BuyTopLikes.com, it’s very safe to pay for IGTV engagement. Our commentor users are all active accounts. When people get in trouble with Insta, it’s typically because they paid a site that uses bot or fake accounts. These make a mess of the site, so Insta not only deletes them, but also some accounts that have a suspiciously high number of bots following or engaging with their content. You can keep your account safe by only buying high quality, low cost responses from our site.


Is buying IGTV comments legal?

Yes. IG's user agreement doesn't forbid paying for engagement, only hiring fake accounts. As long as your replies are all from real users like ours, you are not violating their terms.

What are the delivery terms and when will the IGTV Comments be visible?

You should start getting your first paid replies almost immediately after getting confirmation. Then there is a slow spread that continues over the next day or two, depending on the exact amount you ordered. This gradual delivery looks more natural than all the responses showing up at once.

Can I control what is said in the IGTV replies or buy specialized responses?

No, because we have carefully chosen good replies that both increase conversations and organic growth and work with almost any post. These are all positive and will get people talking about your video.

Does Instagram know when you buy Comments for TV videos and Can My Video Get Removed?

No, because all our users are real, IG has no way to know you paid for them or to care. They only go after fake accounts and their clients. Because of our staggered delivery process, other users will have no reason to suspect you paid for replies either.

Can my Instagram account get banned for buying IGTV Comments?

No, as long as you order from BuyTopLikes.com, you'll only get conversations with real accounts, and Insta doesn't ban people for this.

Are these responses from real accounts?

Yes, all our accounts are real and authentic. We never use bots. Some people also want to know about audience makeup. Like Instagram itself, we have a variety real users all over the world. They may be girls, guys, male, female, or another gender identity. They may be from any country where you can get Instagram, including the USA or US, the UK, Australia, Canada, India, Nigeria, or many others. They also speak a variety of languages, including American or British English, French, Arabic, Spanish, and others.

Do you need my password to start delivery of IGTV replies?

No, for the same reason you never need anyone else's password to comment on another user's video. Never give out your password, especially to any website selling engagement.

Can I purchase random Instagram TV replies if my account is set to private?

No, your account will need to be public until delivery is complete. After you've received your order in full, you can switch it to private mode.

Can I spread comments between multiple videos on Instagram TV?

Yes, you'll have a chance to select multiple original videos when you place your order. Please see our ordering instructions above for more information.

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Mel Rumsey

I am working on creating original Instagram TV video content, and I wanted to speed my progress a little and motivate my fans to discuss it more. When I talked about it with a friend who works in marketing she instantly recommended me this service. As she is no random person, but a good specialist I have believed her recommendation and purchased comments for my videos. To my honest surprise, for such a small cost I received a huge trampoline that helped me to jump higher on the popularity ladder. For sure I will get more:)

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