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I bought this pack for my boyfriend’s birthday. He has an extreme sports account on Instagram that he was struggling to make popular. There are many offers out there, but I decided to buy 2000 Instagram likes cheap from here because they have the best reviews. The likes worked perfectly for my boyfriend’s page, and he is elated with the results.


Thank you very much for your professional service! I was skeptical at first about having to buy 2000 Instagram likes without knowing if they would work or not. However, your service was quick and surprisingly good as you delivered them from real accounts. In fact, I am so pleased with this pack that I will come back soon to order it again.


There are many ways for increasing your audience on Instagram, but this service has to be the best of the lot. With something as little as 2,000 likes you can attract views, followers and more likes from people who would otherwise not even find out about your existence. Amazing work, keep it up!

How does purchasing 2000 IG likes work and what tends to happen when you buy it?

When you pay for hearts, you quickly inform the algorithms that your content is interesting for others. The algorithms respond by making your posts show up in more people’s feeds after buying 2,000 real Instagram likes. If you’ve ever wondered why you only get two or three interactions per post on average, when you have at least a few hundred IG fans, this is probably why—just because you follow someone doesn’t mean you see all their posts, or any of them. The posts that show up in your feed are the ones that have the most attention already.

Why do I need 2k Instagram hearts and who usually pays for it?

Purchasing IG likes can help give your profile a real popularity boost. It can be hard to organically expand your engagement when Insta favors photos that already have the most hearts. In other words, you need likes to get more of them!

Frustrated? So are a lot of people, so they choose to bypass this unfair system by ordering real hearts. Some people who find it especially beneficial include:

  • Influences and those wanting to be influencers. You need to present to potential customers how much engagement your account gets, but that requires getting users to check your posts first. The best way to do this is to buy 2000 Instagram likes.
  • Business people. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a marketer with clients who need help building their social media audience, or a business coach, paying for stats can help you in expanding your audience and gain more hearts.
  • Artists and entertainers—need the attention of the target audience, who can see your paintings, jewelry, video of your latest standup routine, latest band performance, etc? You need more engagement on your post. With this package your account will gain more organic metrics.
  • Writers and bloggers also need to grow an audience.

How to buy 2,000 likes for IG – Few easy steps

It’s fast and really simple to purchase engagement from us:

  • Just choose to buy 2k likes on Instagram.
  • Once you’ve done that, you’ll enter your profile username, then we’ll show you some recent posts. Choose which ones you’d like to use hearts to—you can divide them for multiple or even for all images if you want.
  • Next, you’ll enter your payment info and an email in order for us to deliver you a confirmation—we do not request any private account info.
  • After receiving your payment, we’ll send you confirmation, then you’ll start getting real likes from active and genuine likers right away.

Where can you order 2000 Insta hearts and reasons to choose BuyTopLikes.com?

Our service is the best place to pay for 2k likes for Instagram for several reasons:

  • First, we only provide hearts from genuine users—we never use embarrassing bot armies.
  • Second, your purchase is trustworthy and private. We don’t request any sensitive info, so even hackers can’t find out who ordered instant stats from us.
  • Since they come from real users, there will be no way anyone else can tell either.

What is the cost if I decided to buy two thousand likes?

It’s really cheap to get hearts on our site. Prices may vary, but currently, 2,000 IG taps are just $19.79. That means you’re only paying pennies per like, and for that low price you’ll have metrics only from real, genuine users.

Is it safe or risky to purchase this package?

Yes, it is safe to get 2000 likes on Instagram because we only possess engagement from genuine users. You could know somebody whose account was blocked or banned after they purchased likes and assumed that was why. Most likely the problem was that they purchased from a less reputable site with a large bot army. IG spends a lot of time rooting out bot or fake accounts, and they also ban users who have a really huge number of these fakes liking their pictures. Our high quality service protects your profile by only using real users’ accounts.

Some facts and suggestions for buying 2k hearts?

Delivery of 2000 paid likes is a great way to get started building up your engagement rate. If you divide them over ten pictures, you’ll send 200 hearts each, which is a good amount to spur organic engagement growth. It’s also not such a huge amount that it looks unusual to fans if your posts previously only had a few likes. Plus by dividing it over the ten or fifteen most recent Instagram photos, people will think you have a lot of interactions on all your pics, as most people don’t scroll back farther than that. Hearts also appear in a gradual spread, so it will look natural as you get a few taps, then a few more, and so on until your order is complete.


Is paying for 2,000 IG likes illegal?

No, technically it’s not even forbidden by Insta’s own user agreement—really. They ban buying likes from bots, but not from real users.

Can I buy engagement on the accounts of others?

Just enter their profile when you go to check out. This is a great option for people in social media marketing, who often need to bump up the stats of multiple clients. Or, you can gift some hearts to a friend. There’s no login or password info required, and, as a result, you may purchase likes for any account. You can also order online from anywhere—the USA, Australia, Canada, the UK, Nigeria, India, and many other countries.

What guarantees do you have that your 2k Instagram hearts will not vanish from my profile?

Our website offers a 30-days of money-back guarantee. If for any reason some of your new likes go away, just contact us and we’ll replace them for you.
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